Transfer Services

Who We Are

UTA's Office of Transfer Services is a collective of students, organizations, leaders, and transfer advocates who work collaboratively to support the transfer student community at large. We strive to foster a transfer receptive culture at UTA by:
  • Building community by bringing transfer students together 
  • Sharing information to drive decision making 
  • Collaborating with transfer campus partners
  • Advocating for transfer students
Group of students walking to the Mavmeets Convocation after party.
Student laughing while attending Maventure Camp

Our Commitment

UTA's Office of Transfer Services is committed to serving transfer students by helping them prepare for rewarding academic experiences, assisting them as they transition to UTA, and promoting their progress toward graduation. 

An Active Role

As an advocate and representative for transfer students, Transfer Services takes an active role in the communication of transfer student issues to both internal and external partners. It serves as a referral service for students needing specific help or guidance.