Social Justice Education

“We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengths this community - and this nation.” ~Cesar Chavez


Our Social Justice Peer Educator (Social Justice Peer Educator) Program offers an hour to an hour half long trainings and facilitations led by Peer Educators that can be brought to your class, organizations, staff meetings, or a group of friends. We have a wide range of facilitations and trainings created. We can also tailor some specifically for your needs. Below is a list of facilitations we currently offer!

Introduction to Identity and Inclusion

This facilitation is a movement active facilitation that dives in to discuss your own personal identities and the challenges or privileges they create. This facilitation gives those participating a glimpse of seeing the world from others lenses.


This facilitation aids participates to define privilege in the context of the United States. Participants will get the opportunity to examine the areas they hold privilege and how they can create and effective positive change through that privilege.

Identifying and Overcoming

We all have our biases but what are we doing to overcome them.  This facilitation does just that, it allows participates to examine their biases and the sources of them.  They will get a chance to see the dangerous progression of biases if left unaddressed.

Navigating Controversial Conversations

We understand that many people don’t have conversations around tough topics because they are not sure exactly how to navigate them. This facilitation will give you the tools to do just that and to recognize what some of your “trigger” are that keep productive conversations to happen.  These techniques can be used in basic conversations with your peer or deep conversations around race, politics and much more.

Entering the Community & Overcoming the Saviour Complex

Many times we enter communities to aid in resolving social issues. Without proper understanding and training many time we do more harm than good. This facilitation helps participates understand the harms of the savior complex and how not to continue perpetuating its harmful nature.

UnDACAlly Training

This training is focused on how to become an ally and advocate for those who identify as DACA or undocumented students on campus. During this training you will learn, terms, about legislation, resources on campus as well has how to navigate conversations around DACA and Undocumented students.


Effective August 2021, the Office of Multicultural Affairs offers a 4-Part series on Anti-Racism. In this series, participants will discuss what anti-racism is, the construction of race, the globalization of race and what anti-racism looks like in practice in our daily lives. Each part of the series can last 50 minutes to 80 minutes. It is recommended that those interested in scheduling all 4-parts should schedule sessions in succession and relatively close to one another to ensure effective understanding and development of materials. As this series progresses, conversations and engagement will invoke more in-depth cognitive, emotional, and reflective contributions from all participants.

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Social Justice Peer Educators are comprised of undergraduate and graduate students with a passion for inclusion and equity. The role of a Social Justice Peer Educator is to go out into the community of UT-Arlington and lead facilitations for classrooms, organizations and student leaders. Through these facilitations, the SJPE helps to create an inclusive environment where others are educated on how to make UTA equitable for all.

Become a social justice peer educator

We invite undergraduate and graduate students to apply to be a peer educator at the end of every Spring and Fall.


  • 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Enrolled as UTA Undergraduate or Graduate Student
  • Attend mandatory training dates
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings
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As I prepare to graduate in December 2020 with a Master's in Higher Education, serving as a Social Justice Peer Educator has prepared me to discuss a diversity of topics with my future students and staff. 
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