Things to Bring

To make sure you are prepared for your orientation session, check out the list below for the things you should bring with you.

Things to bring

  1. Pre-Orientation E-mail, which will be sent three days before your orientation session (printed or electronic version)
  2. Government Issued Picture ID
  3. Laptop or tablet for course registration (we have some on campus if you don't have one to bring with you)
  4. Pen & Paper
  5. Final high school transcripts (if they haven’t already been sent).
  6. AP/IB/dual credit transcripts if applicable
  7. Jacket or Sweatshirt as the buildings can be quite cold
  8. If you plan to audition for marching band, bring your instrument with you on day 2 of orientation
  9. Any questions you have about the first-year experience
  10. A great attitude!

If you are attending a 2-day orientation in June or July, you will also need to bring the following items for your Overnight Experience.

  1. Sleeping bag or Twin XL sheets and a blanket
  2. Personal toiletries
  3. Towels
  4. Change of clothes
  5. Shower shoes (if desired)