Coronavirus Information

UTA continues to closely monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This page provides important information about how the pandemic affects New Maverick Orientation and UTA's new students.

Message to our new Mavericks

Due to the ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, The University of Texas at Arlington has moved all New Maverick Orientation sessions to an online format through the end of July. These virtual orientation sessions will provide new students and their families with information for a smooth transition to UTA, as well as opportunities for virtual connections until we welcome you on campus later this year.

This page is designed to answer the questions we are hearing most often from our new students. You will receive updates to this information through your email and on this website as more information becomes available or as details may change.

If you have other questions not answered here, please contact our team at or by phone at (817) 272-3213.

We appreciate your patience as we work through the logistics of welcoming over 10,000 students and guests through virtual orientation. We are committed to creating a positive, supportive and exciting experience to support your transition to UTA.

Stay safe, stay well, and go Mavericks!

Office of Maverick Orientation and Transition Programs
Division of Student Affairs
The University of Texas at Arlington

New Maverick Orientation Frequently Asked Questions


Why did UTA make the decision to move orientations to an online format?

The safety of our campus community is our top priority. In late March, as periods of social distancing were extended by federal, state and local entities, UTA made plans to move summer activities online, including summer classes and orientation sessions.


Will August orientations be online as well?

At this time, no decisions have been made about whether August orientation sessions will be online or on-campus.


Is orientation still mandatory with everything that is going on?

Yes, all new students are required to participate in New Maverick Orientation. The information presented and the connections made during orientation are vital to your transition to UTA. The virtual format will allow you to participate from a safe place.


I already registered for an on-campus orientation. Do I need to change to an online orientation?

No, you will participate in online orientation on the date of the on-campus orientation you were scheduled to attend. You do not need to do anything to change to an online orientation.


What day should I complete online orientation?

Online orientation is offered on a variety of dates for different types of students. The orientation registration portal will determine which orientation dates you are eligible for, and you may choose any of those dates.

You will complete online orientation in two steps:

  1. You will complete a pre-orientation module after registering for an orientation date. Completion of this module will allow you to enroll in classes prior to participating in the virtual sessions on their selected orientation date.

  2. You will then participate in virtual presentations on the date you selected to complete orientation. More information about the virtual presentation is provided below.


Why have the orientation dates not changed?

Maintaining our original dates allows us to create virtual communities for you to connect with other new students, upperclassmen and staff. Our goal is to maintain individual attention for each student, just like we would offer during an on-campus orientation. In order to do this effectively, it is important to maintain the traditional ratios of students to staff in these activities.


Will the fee for orientation be reduced, waived or stay the same?

Orientation fees will not be waived. The fee for 2-day freshman orientations was reduced from $165 to $120 to support students and their families who are experiencing financial hardships during the pandemic. The fee for all 1-day sessions (transfer, international, and summer school orientations) remains at $60. These fees support the staffing and technical costs of delivering orientation in an online format.


Should I register my guest for New Maverick Orientation?

No, the virtual orientation sessions will include programming for parents and guests at no additional costs. Please invite parents and guests in order for them to be connected and involved with their student’s transition to UTA.


Will there be a guest fee for New Maverick Orientation?

No, parents and guests will be able to participate in virtual orientation programming at no additional cost. If you already registered a guest for New Maverick Orientation, your guest registration will automatically be canceled and no guest fee will be applied to your student account.


What will online orientation be like?

Online orientation will have two parts:

  1. You will complete a pre-orientation module after registering for an orientation date. Completion of this module will allow you to enroll in classes prior to participating in the virtual sessions on their selected orientation date.

  2. You will then participate in online presentations on the date you selected to complete orientation. The presentations will mirror the sessions you would have enjoyed during an on-campus orientation. These sessions will be mostly live, so there is an opportunity to ask questions and connect with others. Our goal is to make our virtual orientation as close to the real thing as possible.


Will I be able to connect with other students during virtual orientation?

Yes! The Orientation Leaders are current students who serve as your guides through the process. They are excited to welcome you to UTA and help bring new students together. Plus, they will be available after orientation to answer any questions and help build connections to the UTA community.


Will I meet with an advisor during my virtual orientation?

You should plan to complete academic advising PRIOR to orientation.

Freshmen will receive information from the University Advising Center, including steps to prepare for your advising session and setting up an advising appointment. Be sure to respond to those emails appropriately to make academic advising as smooth as possible.

Transfer students (domestic and international students) need to schedule an academic advising appointment with the department of their major prior to completing their online orientation.

International graduate students will meet with an academic advisor during a departmental orientation session. Contact the department of your academic degree program to learn more about your departmental orientation.


Can I switch to an earlier orientation? What do I do if the orientation session I want is not available?

Orientation sessions fill on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage you to register for the earliest orientation session available. We will not increase the capacity of any sessions despite moving to an online format. Keep in mind that changing your orientation date will result in a $20 fee being added to your orientation charges.


Will Maventure Camp still occur this summer?

Yes! At this time, no decisions have been made to cancel Maventure Camp in July and August. Maventure Camp is an excellent opportunity to make new UTA friends and learn more about UTA’s unique Maverick pride and spirit. Visit to learn more and register today. If we are forced to cancel Maventure Camp at a later date, full refunds will be available for the registration fee.