Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to be a Freshman Orientation Leader?

To apply, students must complete the Mav OL application and interview process. Check out the How to Apply page for more details

How to Apply

If I have questions about being an Orientation Leader who do I contact?

If you have any questions about being a Maverick Orientation Leader, please contact the New Maverick Orientation Office at 817-272-3213 or

If I'm a transfer student am I only eligible to apply for the Transfer Orientation Leader position or can I apply for the Freshman Orientation Position as well?

As a transfer student you have the luxury to apply for both position. So if you want to work with incoming freshman students, and have a more traditional orientation leader experience, you can apply to be a Freshman Orientation Leader. If you want to work with incoming transfer and veteran students and have more freedom with your summer schedule you can apply to be a Transfer Orientation Leader.

What if I can't make all of the required dates can I still apply?

Being a Freshman Orientation Leader is a large time commitment; however the New Maverick Orientation Office understands that you may have a previous commitment that you need to see through. Please contact us ASAP, to discuss your situation, to see if you are still eligible to apply.

What is the difference between Transfer Orientation Leaders and Freshman Orientation Leaders?

While they both serve incoming students to the University, the Transfer OLs assist incoming transfer and veteran students, while Freshman OLs helping first-time freshman with their transition to UT Arlington.

When are Mav OL applications due?

Freshmen Orientation Leader selection happens during the fall semester. Applications are available October 18 and due November 3rd. Selections are made before the holiday break.