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Meet Cesar

Being part of men of distinction has been a great and enjoyable experience, and has helped me further enjoy my time at UTA. I've been able to attend each Friday meeting and so far they've been nothing short of helpful and fulfilling. As for the events that I have been able to attend, such as the leadership retreat last semester and the XFL game, I enjoyed being there and I'm hoping to be a part of more events in the future. I also greatly appreciate the mentorship offered by the organization. I've been continuously contacted by, and offered a lot of help, from my mentor, Gabriel, which I am grateful for. Receiving the book stipend was a huge help to me and my family, especially at this current time. I was able to purchase the MyLab for finance, Connect for Business Communications and a textbook for my Management class. If I didn't have the stipend, I likely would've only purchased the MyLab since it is the one that's absolutely necessary for the class and having the other books is convenient.

I greatly appreciate every bit of help the organization has offered me and I hope many more students get to benefit from being part of Men of Distinction in the future.

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