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Event sign-ups are now being managed by Please click on the link below to volunteer for an event.

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Note: You must be a current member of the UTA Ambassadors in order to complete this process. Please refer to the "How to Join"  page for information on how to become an Ambassador.

All Ambassadors

See how many participation hours you have completed each month here: Ambassador Participation Hour

To notify the executive board that you are interested in removing an absence, please complete the Absence Removal Form.

Executive Board

Submit this form if you need to change your office hours for a particular day/week prior to the missed hour(s): Office Hours Change Form

Submit this form at the end of each office hour to update Mr., Ms., and Jennifer on your progress: Office Hours Update Form.

Program Assistance Funds

Check if your registered student organization qualifies for the Program Assistance Fund's annual $30,000 allocation. Find out more on the Judicial Branch Page!

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