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How to serve in Student Government

Members must attend the meetings for their respective committee/board and abide by the SG attendance policy. Please see the specific branch for the days and times of meetings.


  1. GPA - Academic success is important for all student leaders. A GPA requirement is a part of joining our leadership team.
  2. Campus Elections - Campus Elections occur twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. See our elections page for more information. 
  3. Appointments - Following elections, if any positions are open, they are filled through an interview and application process. 

Branch Positions

Executive Branch:

Serve as a member of the External Relations Committee, the Legislative Relations Committee or the Graduate Student Committee.

Judicial Branch:

Serve as a member of the Supreme Court or the Election Supervisory Board.

Legislative Branch:

Serve as a member of the Student Senate.

Note: If you are a current member and interested in a chair position please complete the Committee Chair Application for current members.


Director Positions

Student Government Director positions are at-large positions within Student Government to serve a specific leadership role.  Available director positions include the following and those interested should complete the Director application.


Communications Director:

Responsibilities encompass maintain the image of Student Government to the UTA Community and oversee all marketing and advertising efforts.

JEDI Director:

Responsibilities encompass ensuring Student Government is centered on the principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.  Duties include but are not limited to acting as a liaison between Student Government and various DEI related individuals and entities.


Program Assistance Funds

Check if your registered student organization qualifies for the Program Assistance Fund's annual $30,000 allocation. Find out more on the Judicial Branch Page!

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