Academic Standing and Freshman Distinction

Freshman Honor Roll Distinction

First-time, first-year freshman students with less than 30 credit hours with excellent grades will be recognized by being listed on the Freshman Distinction roll. The Freshman Distinction roll will include those students who have both:

  • Less than 30 semester credit hours earned in residence at UT Arlington with a GPA of not less than 3.5, and
  • 12 semester credit hours earned in the current term, not including pass/fail work, with a GPA for the semester of not less than 3.5

In addition to this official recognition, the Division of Student Success will be recognizing new students with a 3.0 and 3.49 grade point average, as well as those in the Freshman Distinction roll and All A’s (4.0 gpa), with special recognition from the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Freshman Academic Excellence Student List Spring 2021 (Click to open PDF)

 pdf document with academic excellence list for spring 2021

Academic Standing Categories

Academic Good Standing

Students who have a 2.0 GPA or above at UT Arlington are considered in good standing and can continue to take courses without penalty.  However, it is important to keep in mind that individual departments may have higher GPA thresholds to remain in a particular major, to take advanced course work, or even to graduate with a degree in that major.  Refer to the appropriate school or college in the Academic Programs and Degree Offerings section of the Undergraduate Catalog for these GPA requirements, or you may speak with your academic advisor.

Academic Probation

A Guide for Students on Academic Probation

Academic Warning

A Guide for Students on Academic Warning

Academic Continuance

A Guide for Students on Academic Continuance

Academic Dismissal for One-Long Term (Dismissal 1) 

A Guide for Students on Dismissal 1

Academic Dismissal for One Full Academic Year (Dismissal 2) 

A Guide for Students on Dismissal 2


**Note:  While this informational site is supported by the University Advising Center, students should seek advisement for their academic issues through the advising process in their major department.  If a student is a freshman or Undeclared, the University Advising Center in Ransom Hall will provide the advising.  The information on this web site should not be used as a replacement for the Undergraduate Catalog or proper academic advisement.

All students should thoroughly read the Academic Probation and Dismissal section of the Academic Regulations in the Undergraduate Catalog.  Students should also become familiar with the Table of Standards.  Students who fall below the UTA Table of Standards will be placed on probation or warning (as appropriate) and may face dismissal from the University if the GPA is not raised to meet the required standards.