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Assessment Projects

Assessment projects

Involved and Engaged Student Data Tracking

  • Each semester the Division tracks more than 6,000 students considered to be "highly involved and engaged".  These students participate in various programs throughout the Division of Student Affairs including Campus Recreation Programs, Student Employees, On Campus Residents, Leadership Program participants, Student Congress, Student Organizations, Study Abroad, Fraternity and Sorority Life, EXCEL Campus Activities, Multicultural Affairs, Student Publications, and more.  Tracking students who are involved and engaged on campus allows the Division to measure the impact this involvement has on the student experience and student success.  The data is used to run reports on retention rates, graduation rates, demographics to make comparisons to the University population as a whole. 

Departmental Accomplishments and Annual Reports

  • Each department also submits a comprehensive annual report at the end of each year.  This report goes into more detail regarding departmental goals, important accomplishments and milestones for each programmatic area within the unit, assessment highlights, challenges faced, organizational changes and feature stories.  The annual report serves as a historical reference for the unit to aid in leadership transitions.  In addition, the Vice President's Office uses annual report data to develop reports, presentations, and information from a Divisional perspective.

Annual Administrative and Learning Outcome Plans

  • Departments are required to conduct administrative and student learning outcome assessment on an annual basis.  Departments must identify 3-5 areas to be assessed throughout the year.  The Director of Planning, Assessment and Student Success works closely with department heads to identify potential assessment needs and develop assessment plans and tools for each department.  Assessment reports are updated mid-year to report progress on the plans and final assessment results and recommendations are submitted at the end of the year.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • KPIs are a way to numerically and graphically show the most important data points about a department's programs and services.  KPIs provide a visual representation of department priorities.  Utilizing Campus Labs Basline, departments develop and maintain KPIs for their unit.  Each semester, KPIs are updated to reflect most recent data and are used to show historical trends in participation, service usage, and other departmental measurements. 

Assessment calendar/deadlines

January:  Fall Departmental Accomplishments and Annual Administrative and Learning Outcome Mid-Year Updates

May:  MyMav Involved and Engaged Student Tracking

June:  Annual Assessment Plan Results

July:  Department Meetings for new Annual Assessment Plans

August: Finalized Annual Assessment Plans

September:  Departmental Annual Reports (for previous year)

December:  MyMav Involved and Engaged Student Tracking