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MAVS 1000 FYE Course

UTA’s First-Year Experience Course (MAVS 1000) is a class designed to orient students to life as a Maverick, and assist first-time college students in their transition to life at the University.  The course content will help students identify their individual needs and skillsets, in turn enhancing their academic success.  Furthermore, MAVS 1000 will guide students to proper utilization of the campus resources at their fingertips in order to embark upon a path rich with involvement and engagement as a new Maverick.  

Student Learning Outcomes:

MAVS 1000 will allow students to do the following by the end of the semester:

 Academic Success
  1. Identify strategies for to be an active, independent learner.
  2. Understand how effective time management positively impacts academic success.
  3. Discover campus resources to support their learning and personal needs.
  4. Develop a degree map for future semesters to stay on track toward graduation.
  5. Identify library resources available to support their learning needs.
  6. Identify a support network consisting of peers, staff, and faculty.
Personal Skill Development
  1. Develop a sense of self utilizing the True Colors personality assessment.
  2. Reflect on money and spending habits and identify strategies to improve financial wellbeing.   
  3. Describe how campus diversity impacts their academic experience.
  4. Identify ways to reduce stress and resources on campus to support personal wellness. 
  5. Recognize potentially harmful situations and develop skills to initiative a positive intervention.
  6. Connect skills and interests to future careers.
Engagement Beyond the Classroom
  1. Understand what it means to be a member of the Maverick community and develop a plan to participate in 3 of 5 distinguishing activities before graduation.
  2. Experience campus events.

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