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What is MAVS 1000?

UT Arlington’s First-Year Experience (MAVS 1000) is a course for first-year college students entering in the fall and spring terms. It is designed to orient students to life on the Maverick campus and assist in the transition to college.  MAVS 1000 meets one hour per week for 14 weeks, is graded on a Pass/Fail system, and does not offer academic credit. The course assignments will help students to identify their individual needs and skills which will affect their success, determine what resources are appropriate and available to them, and formulate a plan for an actively engaged and enriched experience on the campus.  

Who is Required to Enroll in MAVS 1000?

MAVS 1000 is required for first-year college students entering in the fall and spring terms who are not participating in a Freshman Interest Group (FIG).  

Do I have to pay tuition to take MAVS 1000?

No!  MAVS 1000 is a FREE academic success initiative for students. 

How do students register for MAVS 1000?

Students register for MAVS 1000 along with their other classes while attending orientation.

How do I change my MAVS 1000 section once I've registered at Orientation?

The only way to make a change to your MAVS 1000 section is to contact an advisor at the University Advising Center (  An advisor will be able to make the change for you.  Students are unable to make changes to MAVS 1000 sections on their own.

How often does MAVS 1000 meet?

MAVS 1000 meets once per week for 14 weeks.

Will the course be graded?

The course will be graded on a Pass/Fail grading system.  Students must complete a minimum number of assignments and meet all attendance requirements for the course to earn a passing grade. 

Who is the contact for questions related to the First-Year Experience Course?

Please contact Molly Albart, Director of Planning, Assessment and Student Success by email at or phone at 817-272-1104 for questions related to MAVS 1000.