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Instructor Information

The MAVS 1000 course instructor is responsible for the oversight and direction of 1 section of the course including class preparation and in-class facilitation.  All instructors are paired with a peer leader, an involved, upper-class student leader that serves as a student voice and active participant in class planning and facilitation.  Upon selection of instructors and peer leaders, pairings will be made for each class section based on scheduling availability, designated preferences, and the needs of the overall MAVS 1000 program.

The MAVS 1000 instructor plays a crucial role in the success of our first year students and serves as a retention agent for the University. Instructors are expected to adhere to the following job responsibilities and expectations:

Training and Development, Communication with MAVS 1000 Staff

  • Attend required instructor trainings prior to the start of the semester. 
  • Attend required instructor meetings throughout the semester.
  • Read and respond to all email communications from MAVS 1000 staff in a timely manner.
  • Meet administrative deadlines, and follow all established policies and procedures.
  • Notify the MAVS 1000 staff immediately should you have any problems or concerns with a student, Peer Leader, or the course itself.

Instructor/Peer Leader Relationship

  • Maintain an 80%:20% instructor/peer leader balance in the workload for the course.  Instructors should be the primary teacher in the classroom, with the Peer Leader as a supplement to your teaching. 
  • Hold a weekly, in person, meeting with the assigned Peer Leader outside of class time for lesson plan preparation.
  • Effectively resolve conflicts and challenges with the Peer Leader should they arise.  You are the professional staff member, and it’s expected that you will handle conflict in a professional manner.

Classroom Expectations

  • Attend all class sessions and facilitate/present class material and activities. 
  • Utilize the standard course syllabus and course materials to ensure consistency between sections.
  • Create an in-class environment that is welcoming, energetic, and fun by providing challenging and reflective discussions and activities, and utilizing engaging classroom pedagogy.
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries in the classroom. In class discussions and activities must remain professional and appropriate at all times.
  • Manage student grades in a timely manner (weekly grading). 
  • Wearing collegiate attire other than UT Arlington is discouraged.  (We are building pride for UTA, thus wearing an A&M or UT Shirt to class each week is counterproductive to that goal.)

Student Interactions

  • Serve as an advocate for the MAVS 1000 course. 
  • Establish a positive relationship with students and serve as a mentor.
  • Be available for students inside and outside of the classroom (including e-mails, availability in office hours, etc.).

Enrollment Intervention Program (Spring-Summer)

  • MAVS 1000 instructors are expected to participate in an Enrollment Intervention Program throughout the spring and summer following their MAVS 1000 course.  Enrollment Intervention requires instructors to communicate with students via email regarding enrollment and registration for the following fall.  Scripts and instructions will be provided by MAVS 1000 staff monthly.    

Position Requirements

  • Instructors must hold current employment at UT Arlington. If selected, one must maintain employment throughout the semester.
  • A master's or doctoral degree preferred (bachelor's level candidates may be considered based on availability of positions).
  • One full year employment at UT Arlington is preferred.
  • Ability to balance additional responsibilities (instructors must have supervisor's approval before applying)
  • Interest in working with and mentoring 1st year students
  • Meets or exceeds current job performance expectations (based on student feedback surveys and/or staff performance evaluations)


Instructors receive a $1,500 stipend.

application process

Applications to serve as fall 2017 instructor will be accepted beginning February 1 and must be received on or before Friday, March 3rd.  Applicants must submit the following materials in one PDF document to
  1. Letter of Interest/Cover Letter
  2. Resume or curriculum vitae
  3. Completed Supervisor Support Form
  4. Applicants with teaching experience:  copy of recent course evaluation
  5. One Letter of Recommendation

Qualified applicants will be invited to participate in a 20 minutes screening interview with MAVS 1000 Instructor Recruitment Committees. Interviews for fall 2017 positions will take place March 6-10, 2017.