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The Maverick Way

The Maverick Way is a set of core values that all Mavericks live by on a daily basis. It is not meant to be a prescription for how you experience UT Arlington. Rather, The Maverick Way is meant to help you personalize your Maverick experience while holding true to these core values: Pride and Traditions, Diversity and Inclusion, Respect and Civility, Involvement and Engagement, Integrity, and Wellness.

The UTA Ambassadors are responsible for educating the campus about The Maverick Way and recognizing students/faculty/staff who exemplify The Maverick Way in their daily lives. Mr. and Ms. UTA present The Maverick to all incoming freshmen at New Maverick Orientation, and the UTA Ambassadors promote the six core values at all of their events/activities.

For more information on The Maverick Way, click here.

If you know a student or faculty/staff member who exemplifies The Maverick Way, you can nominate him or her to receive the Maverick of the Month distinction. Click here for more information and to nominate someone!