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Voting Information

Participate in                                                       Local, State, and National Elections

Student Government is dedicated to encouraging students to participate in local, state, and national elections. As educated citizens, it is your duty to exercise your right to vote in order to elect your representatives.

For any questions regarding upcoming elections or registering to vote, please contact the Chief of Staff at

Register to vote

Voter registration applications are available in the Student Government office, Suite B150 in the Lower Level of the University Center. You may mail the completed application (postage free) at any U.S. Postal Service office.

Student Government also hosts voter registration drives at various times during the year. During a drive, you may drop completed voter registration applications in any of the Student Government Suggestion Boxes around campus for Student Government to mail in for you.

Register to Vote in Tarrant County

In order to vote in local, state, or national elections, you must register to vote at your current address. If you have moved since you last registered to vote, you will need to complete a new voter registration application to change your address.

If you have already registered to vote back home but now live in on-campus housing or in the Arlington area, you need to re-register to vote! Why drive all the way back home to vote when you can vote conveniently, on campus? All you need to do is complete a new voter registration card and change your address to your current address. (If you live on campus and are unsure of your campus physical address, contact us for more information at

If you are registered to vote in Tarrant County, you can vote on campus at our early voting polling site!

Vote On Campus

UT Arlington is an early voting polling site for Tarrant County for most local, state, and national elections. If you are registered to vote in Tarrant County, you can vote on campus! Check back for more information regarding the next election, including the dates and location of the early voting polling site.


Still confused about registering to vote or polling locations? Contact the Chief of Staff via email or call Student Governance at 817-272-0556.

Additional information is located on the Texas Secretary of State website.

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