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Activity Fair Days

Held at the start of each fall and spring semester, Activity Fair Day is a chance for UT Arlington student organizations, departments, and community agencies to showcase their services, interests, and involvement opportunities to the campus community. This event has been held since 1981 and continues to draw a crowd. Activity Fair Day is a prime opportunity to meet face-to-face with an array of campus and community resources. It's a great way to begin or expand your co-curricular involvement.


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

10 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
University Center Mall (outdoors - map)

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
10 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Palo Duro Lounge, E.H. Hereford University Center (map)

Host an information table for your group

Eligible groups including registered student organizations, university academic/administrative units, and community agencies. Signing up to host a table is a great way to share information about your programs, activities services or causes. Please note that sales/orders for goods and services are not permitted.

Businesses, vendors and off-campus agencies:

This applies to those who are not representing a UTA department or registered student organization. In addition to using the online sign-up, you must complete an application and submit with payment of the registration fee prior to the event. See the Agency-Vendor Information and Application Form [NOT YET AVAILABLE] for specific details on how to register for the event.

Vendor/agency fee schedule:
Off-campus Business/Vendor

$500 - August one-day only
$800 - Aug. 28 and Jan 29 dates
$1,600 - Aug. 28 + Jan. 29 + Pick your own day!*
              (combined value of $2,000)

On-campus Vendor
e.g., on-campus merchants, leasees
$150 - August 28, 2019 only
Charitable/Nonprofit Organization
Tax Exempt Organizations
$150 - August 28, 2019 only

For questions, contact (817) 272-2293 or

Rules for hosting a table at the activity fair

  1. Eligibility and representation:  You may only reserve a table on behalf of your department, organization or agency. Non-campus vendors must submit a vendor agreement and payment in advance in order to participate. Registered student organizations must be in good/active standing in order to participate.  The name of the agency, organization or department under which the reservation was made must be conspicuously displayed. Misrepresentation of your organization or unauthorized solicitation on behalf of other entities is prohibited.
  2. Restriction on solicitations:  The Activity Fair is an opportunity for UTA students to learn about involvement opportunities and useful services. The sale of goods or services or the taking of orders on site is prohibited. The solicitation of credit cards, alcohol and tobacco is also prohibited.
  3. Commitment to attend:  When you sign up to host a table it is very important that your organization follows through with your reservation. Groups that register and fail to show up or do not show up on time may lose the privilege of participating in the future.
  4. Check-in/load-in/-out:  Check in will begin at 8 a.m. on the day of the event; you must be properly checked in to claim your table. Groups should be checked-in and have their tables set up prior to the official start of the event at 10 a.m.  Tables which have not been checked in or set up may be forfeited to walk-up groups waiting for a table.  Once the scheduled fair time ends all solicitation must stop and your materials/equipment must be promptly removed.
  5. Space/equipment allowance: A 6-foot table will be provided—your registration entitles you to use it and the space immediate adjacent from which to promote.  Due to the limited space available, particularly when the event is held indoors, tents and other large equipment must be approved in advance and may not exceed 10x10 square feet unless you have received special permission from the event coordinator.  All equipment must be carried in or transported with a cart or dolly. Vehicle access require advance permission from the event coordinator.  The event coordinator reserves the right to designate or move your location at any time in consideration of safety, access or other space needs.
  6. Limit on members present:  We request that no more than four individuals be present to staff your table to ensure that our space does not become overcrowded and is accessible to all in attendance. If we deem that the space is too crowded, we reserve the right to ask excessive organizational members to leave the space. You must contain your promotional activities to the space immediately around your table.
  7. Electricity:  Access to a standard electrical outlet is available for a limited number of groups and is available on the sign-up.  If you are requesting power it is advisable that you arrive early to claim your table and have a back-up plan in the event that power is unavailable on the day of the event.
  8. Use of Sound:  Amplified sound including audio/video is allowed to be played at your table; however, please be courteous to your neighbors by keeping the volume level and content of your song choices respectful to the general audience.  People at adjacent tables must be able to carry on a conversation at normal levels without being distracted. Instruments may be used for display purposes but they may not be played. The event coordinator may adjust or turn off your music for any reason deemed necessary.
  9. Update MavOrgs (student organizations):  Prior to the event, student organizations should update their MavOrgs page (e.g., information, officer roster, contacts and photos).
  10. Compliance with Rules:  Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in a verbal warning from staff; if the situation is not remedied to the satisfaction of the event coordinator, your group may lose its ability to participate.
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