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Event Pass: Tracking Events with MavOrgs

MavOrgs has a feature for organizations to make events for any activities that they want to advertise to the student population, alumni, or even the general public. There are two different types of events: public and private. Each have several different ways that can be utilized for an organization.


Public Events:

When public events are submitted, they go through an approval process at Student Organizations.
This is because when the event is approved and published, it is directly linked to the University Calendar, seen by students, faculty, and alumni. This is a great way for your organization to advertise the event and get the word out about your organization. Click on the icon to go to the UTA Event Calendar! 

Private EventsPrivate Event

Private events can be utilized for internal organizational needs. For example, if your organization needs a check in for a certain “workshop” that is being held, you can make the event in MavOrgs only show to your organization members. That way you can track attendance and have it work as an RSVP for things such as banquets or socials. Another use to making a private event is using it for a check in system paired with Event Pass. Click here to see how to make a private event!

Event Pass

Blaze Maverick

Event Pass is a new easy to use check in system that is available to all students and organizations registered on MavOrgs. The system enables students to download a unique QR code that they can download to their phones, with information like their name and their email. 

Organizations can download an app called, “Campus Labs Event Check-In” to allow access to scan these QR Codes and compile information on students to use for things like satisfaction surveys or raffle opportunities. Reference the graphic here to see how you can start using Event Pass for your organization!