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Advisors and Elders

Elder Advisor
Eugene Brown
Eugene Brown

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In November, 2007, the UT Arlington home page featured a profile of Eugene Brown. You can view the Eugene Brown profile here.

NASA Primary Advisor
Dr. Les Riding-In
Office of the Dean,
College of Liberal Arts
Box 19617
Arlington, TX 76019-0617
Les Ridingin

Dr. Les Riding-In (Osage/Pawnee) currently serves as Assistant Dean and Director of Graduate Studies for the College of Liberal Arts at UT-Arlington. His experiences in higher education range from University Housing to Honors education. He earned his Ph. D. in Higher Education with a minor in public administration from the University of North Texas, Master of Human Relations and BBA-finance from the University of Oklahoma.

He is the current chair of the National Association of Academic Advisors (NACADA) American and Tribal College Interest Group and is appointed to the Emerging Leaders Advisory Board. He is the lead writer for a chapter on Native American student engagement in the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) publication titled Building Bridges, Re-visioning Community: Multicultural Student Services on Campus, and have co-authored two articles for Academic Advising Today.

NASA Faculty Advisor
Dr. Kenneth Roemer
Dept. of English
Box 19035
Arlington, TX 76019-0035
Kenneth Roemer

DR. KENNETH M. ROEMER (B.A., Harvard; Ph. D., U of Pennsylvania), an Academy of Distinguished Teachers Professor, an Academy of Distinguished Scholars Professor, and Piper Professor of 2011 at the University of Texas at Arlington, has received four NEH grants to Direct Summer Seminars on Native Literatures and has been a Visiting Professor in Japan, a guest lecturer at Harvard, and lectured in Germany, France, Portugal, Hong Kong, Italy, and several cities in Brazil, Ireland, Austria, Canada, and Turkey. His articles have appeared in journals such as American Literature, American Literary History, and Modern Fiction Studies. His “Approaches to Teaching Momaday’s the Way to Rainy Mountain” (ed.) was published by the MLA; his “Native American Writers of the United States” (ed.) and “The Cambridge Companion to Native American Literature” (coed.) both won Writer of the Year Awards from Wordcraft Circle of Native Storytellers and Writers. He has published four books on Utopian literature (one of which was nominated for a Pulitzer) and one personal narrative about Japan. Since 1995 he has been advisor or co-advisor for NASA and this photo shows he tries to protect NASA funds.

For more on Dr. Roemer’s teaching, visit:

NASA Faculty Co-Advisor
Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald
Dept. of Linguistics
Association Founder
Joseph P. Bohanon, MSSW
Joeseph Bohanon

JOSEPH BOHANON is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and attended public school in Hugo, Oklahoma. He graduated with a high school diploma and worked ten years in the medical field as both hospital staff and an Emergency Medical Technician. He was actively involved with the Dallas/Fort Worth American Indian community for about ten years before moving to Houston. In 2001, he developed an American Indian HIV/AIDS Prevention Program with Montrose Counseling Center and the Native American Health Coalition in Houston, Texas. Previously, Mr. Bohanon worked as the Regional Tribal Affairs Specialist for the U.S. Department of Commerce Census Bureau in Dallas, and served as an adjunct faculty member with Eastfield Community College in Mesquite, TX. Currently, Mr. Bohanon is the Coordinator of Field Education at the University of Southern Mississippi in the School of Social Work, and he teaches courses in undergraduate and graduate Social Work.

Joseph received a Bachelors Degree in Social Work in 1996 at UTA and a Masters Degree in Social Work Administration and Community Planning in 1997, also at UTA. Currently, Mr. Bohanon is in the Higher Education Administration PhD program at the University of Southern Mississippi. He co-founded the American Indian Community Council in Dallas, and he is a consultant for nonprofit events and organizations. At UTA, Mr. Bohanon co-founded and served as one of the original members of the Native American Student Association. He also founded the THUNDER Alliance, Inc., a higher educational nonprofit organization for American Indians.

Aside from speaking at various conferences, community activities, and universities, he enjoys time with his wife and family, playing fast-pitch softball, mentoring college students, and participating in cultural activities such as dancing, singing, and ceremonies.


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