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The Hispanic student population at UTA has experienced a significant growth in the 1900’s, with a current projection to exceed a third of the student population within 20 years. Despite the demographics, there was only one Hispanic student organization on campus during this time. Opportunities for Hispanic student to gain leadership experience was sparse, which prompted Dr. Casey Gonzales and other administrators to acknowledge the problem. Their goal was to provide an equal opportunity platform, which focus to improve support of Hispanic youth in the community. The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, emerged as a result of Dr. Gonzales’ efforts in 1990. With help from Joseph Espinoza, the first President, Dr. Casey Gonzales acted as the principal advisor for Hispanic students. Soon enough, organizations such as SHPE followed suite and Hispanics students were served with more opportunities to hold leadership positions, attend leadership programs, and set themselves apart from everyone else. Since its inception in 1990, the SHPE UTA chapter has continued to cultivate new leaders and push students to realize their full potential in STEM fields. The UTA chapter also introduce youth to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. SHPE has assisted in accomplishing these goals by reaching out to high school students and providing tools needed to thrive in their studies. SHPE UTA has also connected students to professionals, and encourage networking among members which resulted in the relationships to last a life time.