The UT Arlington McNair Scholars Program offers a wide array of services to aid participants to reach their full academic and professional potential: seminars, the McNair research institute and internship, help with the graduate school application process, conference participation and other benefits. Participating in all aspects of the program enables Scholars to gain admittance to graduate programs nationwide and to receive the funding necessary to earn the Ph.D.


Once Scholars have participated in the McNair Summer Research Internship, they are encouraged to present their work at off-campus conferences (undergraduate research conferences or professional conferences in their majors). Limited funds are available for conference presentations and/or graduate school visits (once accepted).



The McNair program works with both Student Support Services and University Tutorial/Supplemental Instruction to ensure that McNair Scholars acquire assistance when needed.

Graduate School Preparation

The McNair Scholars Program prepares qualified UTA undergraduates for graduate study to commence at least by the fall semester after graduation and leading to the Ph.D. The program provides many benefits to assist Scholars to become more competitive in the graduate school application process, leading to their admission to top-ranked programs and facilitating a smooth integration into graduate-level work.

GRE Preparation

Each summer, the McNair Scholars Program provides GRE preparation for its research interns via two four-week on-campus review courses (quantitative and verbal/analytical writing).


Free UTA Transcripts

UTA makes free transcripts available to McNair Scholars for scholarship, fellowship and graduate school applications. Scholars can only access such transcripts through McNair program staff.

Special McNair Funding

McNair Scholars are eligible for graduate school application fee waivers or special funding at many U.S. universities.

UTA waives the graduate school application fee for McNair Scholars with verification of active program participation (provided by McNair office).

Institutions Offering Grad. App. Fee Waivers, Fellowships, and Other Incentives for McNair Scholars


McNair Scholars are recognized nationwide as participating in a competitive graduate school preparatory program.

At UTA, McNair Scholars receive special McNair program graduation cords and are identified as program participants in the graduation program booklet.

Research Journal

Each spring, the University of Texas at Arlington McNair Scholars Research Journal appears online (through the ResearchCommons (RC) in the library). This publication includes the four top-ranked papers and all abstracts produced the preceding summer. This online journal is supported by a grant from the UTA Library.

National McNair Senior Recruitment Directory

Each summer, the McNair program submits scholars’ names and intended areas of graduate study to a national database of rising McNair seniors. The Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) and the Council of Graduate Schools coordinate this initiative that facilitates the recruitment of McNair Scholars by universities throughout the United States.

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Our Mission:

The McNair Scholars Program at the University of Texas at Arlington fosters success among academically talented but disadvantaged undergraduates enabling them to continue their education beyond the baccalaureate. The McNair program provides guidance, mentoring, academic support, and research and other scholarly activities, thereby preparing Scholars for a successful transition to graduate study culminating in the PhD and a career in the professoriate.


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