The Graduation Help Desk is here to help ensure every student's success. Contributing to our campus-wide culture of completion, our goal is to help our students overcome obstacles to timely graduation. 


  1. A student, advisor, faculty or staff identifies an obstacle that may hinder the student’s progression towards graduation.
  2. The student works with their academic advisor to explore solutions.
  3. If the student and academic advisor are unable to resolve the problem, it should be elevated to the Graduation Help Desk via
  4. The Graduation Help Desk Team will reply within 24-48 hours to indicate that we will begin working to find a resolution.


  • Serve as the first stop for students in need of graduation help. Students should start by working with an academic advisor.
  • Replace the need for a student to receive academic advising.
  • Help students create the ideal course schedule - we instead focus on what students need to graduate.


How do I know if I am on track to graduate?

  • You should meet with your academic advisor and review your degree plan thoroughly each semester. They are the experts and can help you with a plan of action for a timely graduation.

    Advisors experience peak times during January and August. If you are in need of summer/fall advising, plan on setting an appointment for sometime in March. If you are in need of spring advising, then plan on setting an appointment for sometime in October.  

    UTA Academic Advisor Contact Information is available online.

I have questions and/or concerns about my graduation application status. Who do I contact?

  • We might have graduation in our name, but we do not have access to graduation applications. You need to talk to your Graduation Counselor by sending an email to with your student ID and your questions. 

I need more information on the commencement ceremony. Who do I contact?

  • Your College or School's commencement ceremony information can be found online through UTA's Commencement website.

    Can't find the information that you need? Contact your academic advisor for details. 


I've been advised for the next semester, but the class(es) I need are full. What should I do?

    • Contact your academic advisor for alternative options.
    • Add yourself to the waitlist for the needed course. If more seats are opened, students on the waitlist are the first in line. 
    • If you and your advisor are unable to find a suitable alternative, contact the Graduation Help Desk at or submit your request through our Class Availability Request Form. Please note that requests for preferred scheduled times are categorized as “wants” and not “needs” and are not normally granted.

I have submitted my transcript. What now?

  • Your transcript will be evaluated as soon as possible. This is a manual process, and the time to complete an evaluation varies throughout the year. Early January and August are peak periods for our evaluators; your patience is appreciated. 

    Interested in what is going to transfer? The Transfer Equivalency System will help you assess which credits earned at your former institution will transfer to UTA, and how they will transfer. If the course is not listed, your UTA Advisor can provide more information.

    If you need to show proof of prerequisites to your academic advisor, it is a good idea to have a second transcript with you or ask the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration (129 Davis Hall) to make a copy for you when you drop off your official transcript. The Prospective Student Center (123 Davis Hall) can also accept transcripts!


I need financial assistance for tuition and fees. Who can help me?

  • UTA's Student Financial Services covers multiple areas. It's important that you follow their instructions carefully and ask questions when you are uncertain of requirements. 

    • Student Accounts (also known as the Bursar's Office) collects tuition and fees and issues refunds. They process waivers and exemptions, and assist with Payment Plans, as well. 
    • Financial Aid Office works with students that have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students that meet the FAFSA criteria may be able to accept grants and/or loans to cover tuition and fees. Financial aid is disbursed according to a specific schedule each semester. If you are expecting aid and it has not disbursed, additional actions may be needed. Check your MyMav Student Center and UTA email account often. 
    • Scholarship Office offers scholarship opportunities for new students and many from academic and non-academic departments. Scholarships can be private, departmental, or need-based. Check in with your advisor for information on departmental scholarships. The MavScholarShop tool will also present you with other University scholarships that may require additional information. 
    • Student Money Management Center provides a website full of resources, one-on-one counseling sessions, seminars and presentations. They educate students on budgeting, savings and credit awareness. Want to sit down and talk about your monetary needs and options? Book an appointment today.

I am struggling financially due to uncontrollable circumstances. What are my options?

    • Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF) provides limited financial assistance to currently enrolled students struggling financially due to uncontrollable circumstances who need emergency monetary assistance as a last resort. Funds must be used to aid in short-term crisis matters which would otherwise jeopardize your ability to attend classes. Eligibility requirements and the EAF application are online. 
    • Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County's Young Adult Services may be able to help, if you're between 16 and 24. There are similar programs in neighboring counties. The Tarrant County office is on campus. Check out the flyer and set up an appointment.  
    • If you do not qualify for EAF or Workforce Solutions assistance, please contact the Graduation Help Desk at


I am struggling with my class(es). Where can I get tutoring help?

  • The UTA Campus Community has tutoring services for every Maverick. Whether you're taking classes online or on campus, we have someone that can help. 

    • University Tutorial (2nd Floor, Ransom Hall) provides undergraduate students with individualized, in-person tutoring in a variety of courses for $6.50 per hour. Tutoring fees are charged directly to the MyMav account. Access TutorTrac to set up a tutoring appointment.
    • IDEAS Center (2nd Floor, Central Library)offers free tutoring for a variety of classes each semester. Tutoring is available in person or online through Blackboard Collaborate
    • eTutoring, is a free online tutoring service offering both real-time and submission based tutoring in many subjects. There is a writing lab, live chat, and off-line question submission available.
    • TRIO -Student Support Services (2nd Floor, Ransom Hall) offers eligible students a variety of resources, including tutoring, for individualized support. Check their website for eligibility requirements. 
    • UTA Math Clinic is a tutoring resource available to students currently enrolled in the following undergraduate mathematics classes at UT Arlington only: Math 0300-1308, 1315-1316, 1322-1325, 1421-2326, 2425, 3318-3319, and 3330. Stop by 325 Pickard Hall during open hours for free tutoring. 
    • UTA Writing Center is located on the fourth floor of the Central Library in room 411. UTA student staff provide free writing support for your course projects, including one on one tutoring in face-to-face and online sessions, group workshops, and graduate writing cohorts.
    • Don't see what you're looking for? Contact the Graduation Help Desk at

I am on Probation. What does that mean?

  • Undergraduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) at UTA to remain academically eligible to register for the subsequent term or session. The minimum average required varies with the total number of college credit hours attempted and is shown in the Table of Academic Standards

    • Academic Probation limits the number of credit hours you can take during a long semester (fall and spring) to 14.
    • If you are on academic probation with the university, then you will be required to achieve an 2.5 semester GPA at the end of a semester at UTA for continuance. 
    • If you are on academic probation with the university and achieve a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA at the end of a semester at UTA, then you will be removed from academic probation. 
    • You may have an opportunity to utilize UTA's grade forgiveness policy. Meet with your advisor to discuss your options.  

    With focus and hard work, removal from academic probation might be possible within a semester or two. 

I have been Dismissed from the University. What are my options?

  • Undergraduate students placed on academic dismissal for the first time are eligible to continue enrollment after not having attended UT Arlington for one regular term (fall or spring). If you are placed on academic dismissal for a second or subsequent time, then you are eligible to apply for readmission after having not attended UT Arlington for a minimum 12-month period. 

    • Early Readmission Appeals (ERA) are only an option for students in the College of Education, College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts, School of Social Work, and University College (University Studies & Interdisciplinary Studies).
    • Considering a Early Readmission Appeal? Check in with your academic advisor for deadlines; each department/college that permits ERAs has their own process. 

    While you're away, your advisor may suggest attending community college classes or spending time reflecting and getting your priorities in order before returning. You're also encouraged to check in with your advisor during the semester for future enrollment options. 

    • Returning in the fall, then see your advisor in March.
    • Returning in the spring, then see your advisor in October.  

Need further assistance with your unique questions?

  • Contact the Graduation Help Desk at Please provide your student ID number and a detailed description of your needs. 
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