Success Coaching

What is Success Coaching?

It is a relatively new modality in the field of Learning Assistance that provides students with key information and strategies to identify, manage, and reach their goals leading to academic, professional and personal success.

Success Coaching IS NOT  Counseling, Advising, or Tutoring.  What’s the difference?


Help students address and manage mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship and family discord. Test for and diagnose learning disabilities such as ADHD and dyslexia

Contact:  UTA’s Counseling and Psychological Services


Help students plan their curriculum and make sure they are meeting all university requirements in order to graduate

Contact:  UTA’s Division of Student Success University Advising Center


Help students with subject specific schoolwork – reviewing lecture notes, textbook readings, test preparation, homework assignments, etc.

Contact:  UTA’s Division of Student Success The Learning Center

*Success Coaches:

Help students with “soft” skills such as learning strategies and college-life management skills applicable to a variety of subjects and situations.  Help develop strategies that promote success in college, the workplace and life in general

What kinds of issues can an Success Coach help with?

Time Management Motivation & Focus
Stress Management Organization
Goal Setting & Achievement Planning
Life Balance & Well-being Note-taking
Communication Skills Reading Strategies
Resilience Critical Thinking
Study Strategies Campus Engagement
Test Preparation Strategies Campus Resources
Test Taking Strategies and more!

Who can benefit from Success Coaching?

Any student at any point in college – who wants to get the most out of their college experience

What to expect?

Each session is different and unique to the student. The coach and the student mutually decide on the goals of the session. The coach helps the student break down the goals into parts, and suggests strategies the student can apply to reach the goals. 

Does coaching require a long term commitment?

No. Students have the option of a one-time session or consecutive weekly sessions.  It is recommended that students schedule a minimum of three consecutive sessions but appointments can be terminated at any time during the semester once the student feels s/he has been helped.

How do I schedule a coaching appointment?

Fill out this interest form and we will provide a scheduling link after processing your request. 


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