DANTES Funded College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Make the Most of Your Education Benefits

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) offers you the opportunity to earn college credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores on any of 33 introductory-level college subject examinations. Because the exams are funded by the United States government through the Defense Activity for Non Traditional Education Support (DANTES), you could save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars toward your degree.

The CLEP program is proud of its long standing relationship with the DANTES to provide CLEP exams to eligible military service members, spouses and civil service employees. UT Arlington's Testing Services is proud to be a Fully Funded DANTES CLEP site. It is just one more way that UT Arlington can support our military community. DANTES funds one CLEP exam in each of the 33 subject areas for the following groups:

  • Military personnel (active duty, reserve, National Guard): Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Navy Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, Army and Air National Guard
  • Spouses and civilian employees of: Air Force Reserve, Army Reserve, Coast Guard (active and reserve). Please note: Spouses and civilian employees of Air National Guard can no longer receive DANTES funding effective October 15, 2014.

The DANTES Eligibility Chart provides information about who can benefit from DANTES funding. CLEP exams for civil service employees, inactive guard or reserve personnel, and spouses and dependents not listed on the chart are not funded through DANTES.

What You Need to Know

For military personnel, the CLEP experience differs in several ways from the experience of civilian students:

  • You must clearly specify your military status during the My Account process. When purchasing an exam in My Account, you will be asked if you are eligible for DANTES funding in the “Edit Personal Details,” section of the process. Military testers must correctly designate themselves as DANTES funded and answer questions about their military status in order to receive DANTES funding. Questions about My Account should be directed to CLEP Services.
  • You need to request your transcript through military channels. A military transcript will include all scores for CLEP exams (taken after July 1, 1974). To obtain a CLEP transcript, military personnel must download the military transcript order form and mail the completed form to the address on the form, along with a certified check, money order or credit card payment of $30 for each transcript requested, payable to Prometric.
  • You may be able to obtain free study materials. Before you purchase CLEP study materials, check with your installation education center for current information about legitimate and useful prep methods and sources. DANTES test centers have free, reproducible copies of the individual exam guides.
  • You need to bring special ID on test day. When you go to take a CLEP exam, be sure to bring your Geneva Convention Identification Card. Refer to the DANTES Eligibility Chart for additional information on IDs for active duty members, spouses, and civil service civilian employees.

Read the Information for Test-Takers bulletin for more information on CLEP benefits, resources, registration and exam day information.

Where to send your Military Transcript

Students who wish to have test scores evaluated for credit must have their military transcript sent to:

The University of Texas at Arlington
Attn: Testing Services
PO Box 19555
Arlington, TX 76019

CLEP Optional Essay

  • UT Arlington requires the optional essay for the College Composition - Modular, American Literature and English Literature CLEP tests for credit.
  • After the multiple choice test is complete and a passing score is met, we will administer the Optional Essay free (waiving the normal $20 fee) only to those using DANTES Funded CLEP.

Modern Language Information

  • Up to 14 hours credit (1441, 1442, 2313, and 2314) may be granted for each exam, depending on your score.
  • The Spanish CLEP exam includes a supplemental test of grammar and spelling for UT Arlington students only. There is no study guide for the supplemental test.
  • The supplemental test may only be taken a total of two times-once when taken with the CLEP and one retake if needed.  If you need to retake the Supplement Test, you will be required to pay the $30 fee for retaking the Supplemental Spanish test. 
  • If you have already taken the CLEP Spanish Language exam, you do not need to take it again.  Send the scores to UT Arlington and only take the ASE Spanish Supplemental.
  • You must have an active UTA NET ID and Password to access the supplemental exam. 

  • If you need to activate your NET ID or forgot your password, please read the information here:  http://www.uta.edu/selfservice

Policies and Procedures

Please review the general Policies and Procedures page for more information.

Credit by exam policy

UTA Students please note the following Credit-by-Examination Policies:

  1. Examinees can only receive course credit at UT Arlington if they are an enrolled student and have completed a semester of course credit.
  2. "Credit by examination can be awarded only for courses in which the student has neither a passing nor a failing grade (including a Z in English) at UTA or transfer credit from another institution of higher education."
  3. Read the complete list of credit-by-exam policies for UTA.

How to Register for CLEP - two step process

The CLEP exam registration tutorial for DANTES-funded test-takers will guide you through the CLEP exam registration process, focusing primarily on the My Account portal where you can: purchase exams and study materials 24/7; use DANTES-funding to pay for your exam; identify a test center to take your exam; select a score recipient institution; and enter your personal information in advance to speed up the check-in process on test day. Download Instructions

CLEP requires that you go to their website and purchase the exam (this is where you use your DANTES Funded so that you get the test for free) prior to the day of the test.  The registration platform will allow you to "purchase" a CLEP exam 24/7, manage your personal information any time prior to taking the exam, search for test centers, and purchase study materials. Once you register on CLEP, make sure to print your registration ticket to present to the test center on test day.  You cannot take your CLEP test without this ticket!

When you are making your appointment with our Time Trade system, please make sure you select the DANTES Funded CLEP as the Test Type so the administration fee is waived. It is normal that the confirmation screen has a link to our payment portal. This is a default setting that cannot be changed. You do not need to make any payment as long as you selected the DANTES Funded CLEP test type.

Test-day Procedures

  • Students may only take one examination per test session.
  • Check-in for exams starts promptly in 004 University Hall.
  • Examinees must bring a DANTES Funded photo ID, must be a current, government-issued, e.g., the DD Form 1173 Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card, a DD Form 1173-1 Department Of Defense Guard and Reserve Family Member Identification and Privilege Card, or a CAC Identification Card.
  • Rescheduling Policy: The CLEP exam can be rescheduled one time at no charge to you if you modify your test date online no later than 24 hours before your scheduled test date.

Retest Information

DANTES Funding for CLEP is limited to one attempt.  If you are needing to take the test again (for example this is your second time trying to take the exam) you must:

  1. Wait at least three (3) months before attempt the exam again,
  2. purchase the exam from College Board as "self-funded",
  3. register through our system as "CLEP", not "DANTES Funded CLEP", and
  4. pay our normal CLEP Administration Fee, as we can only waive the fees for the CLEPs administered as DANTES funded.

After the Test

  • CLEP exams are transferable to most colleges and universities (check with your college for acceptance).
  • CLEP credits acquired through credit by examination will be posted to a student's official record after the Census Date of your first semester and you completed a petition for credit.
  • UT Arlington students that want to claim credit for Spanish, French or German CLEP exams must go to the Testing Services office University Hall, room 004 to claim credit.  Students will not be able to claim your credit on My Mav. 
  • All other CLEP credit can be claimed online within 4-5 business days via MyMav>UTA Customizations>Petition for Credit after a successful completion of the CLEP exam and meeting the credit-by-exam policy requirements.

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