Directions and Parking

Below you can find a list of buildings that we test in, please click on the location that is reflected on your admission ticket.

Parking for Non-UTA Examinees

Parking for non-UTA examinees: There is parking available in the Maverick Parking Garage on West Street. You can also purchase a day parking pass from parking services that will allow you to park in a student lot. We HIGHLY recommend that you purchase a full day permit for all exams that are 3 hours or longer. If you have a disabled parking decal, you may park in the ADA South Lot using this link. You are responsible for all parking fees. Please be aware, parking on campus without a permit may result in you receiving a parking citation. The parking rules and regulations are in effect at all times; even on Saturdays.

Note: Per test company policies, we cannot let you leave the building to add any time to metered parking in the middle of your exam.

If you choose to park in the Maverick Parking Garage, which is the preferred parking location so you do not need to walk around an active construction zone, you will either need to pay the parking machine on the first floor, or using this link to purchase your day pass. The cost of this option, which is the closest option to the building, is $10.00.

If you choose to park in the surface lot, Lot 49, then you will need to go online here to purchase a 1 day visitors pass.  Please note, you will need to use the pedestrian bridge to cross over Mitchell Street and then walk around the construction area for the SEIR building; this will take longer and can be very confusing to people not familiar with the campus.  If you have a disabled parking decal, you may park in the ADA South Lot using this link. The cost of this option is $8.00.

There is NO FREE parking available at UT Arlington.  You will need to plan on parking in one of two places: Lot 49 (unless there is a special event that is using that lot) or the Maverick Parking Garage, and paying to park all day. It is cheaper than paying by the hour given how long you will be testing.

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The mission of the University of Texas at Arlington Testing Services is to provide departmental, institutional, and national testing opportunities to students and non-students in an atmosphere which enables examinees to perform to the best of their abilities. We are certified members of the National College Testing Association (NCTA), and subscribe to the NCTA’s Professional Standards and Guidelines for Post-Secondary Test Centers.  We are fully committed to the preservation of academic integrity in the administration of all tests and to the support of academic success for all examinees.



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