University of Texas-Arlington proctors examinations for other institutions under the following conditions:

  • Contact your Institution, sponsoring school or agency to verify you can take your exam at a remote testing center.
  • Your institution must verify what steps are needed for you to take an exam at a remote testing site prior to UT Arlington's receipt of the examination. 
  • Please call 817-272-2362 to verify that we have received your exam. All test information must be sent to us no later than 48 hours before the scheduled test date.
  • There is a registration fee of $35 for the first 3 hours or fraction thereof and $15 for every additional hour or fraction thereof. The registration fee for an international correspondence, an exam that originates from outside the US, is $50 for the first 3 hours or fraction thereof and $15 for every additional hour or fraction thereof. These fees are in addition to whatever fees you may have already paid for the course.
  • The fee is based on the time allotted for the examination, not the time used.
  • If you cannot test during a regular scheduled testing session an additional $15 fee may be charged; you must have prior approval from Testing Services depending on space availability.
  • The sponsoring school or agency is responsible for providing the postage for returning the completed examination. If the school does not provide the postage, the cost becomes the responsibility of the tester.
  • We will accept an exam via email with passwords or will print a paper copy if the exam has fewer than 10 pages. Exams that are longer than 10 pages must be mailed to our test center.
  • The sponsoring school will indicate the time allowed for the exam and whether special testing conditions are permitted. Only aids specifically stated by the instructor on the exam instructions will be allowed in the test room.
  • Although every effort will be made to accommodate all requests, the actual scheduling of the examination will be made solely by the Testing Services office based on space availability upon receipt of the test.
  • We will not store any exam in our files after the exam has been administered.
  • Contact the sponsoring school to send the exam to:
  • Abby Hart

    Coordinator of Special Programs
    UT-Arlington Testing Services
    601 S. Nedderman, Suite 004
    University Hall, Box 19555
    Arlington, TX 76019-0555

    817-272-2362 office

  • Felicia Wabara

    Testing Specialist
    UT-Arlington Testing Services
    601 S. Nedderman, Suite 004
    University Hall, Box 19555
    Arlington, TX 76019-0555

    817-272-7532 fax


Registration for UTA students: UTA student scheduling site. You must know your 10-digit UTA ID number to register.

Registration for Non-UTA students:


Must change/modify at least 24 hours in advance or you forfiet your test appointment fees. 

  • Sign in to TimeTrade with your user name & password that you previously created.
  • Click "view Test Appointment"
  • Click on "Modify test appointment"
  • In the pull-down, labeled "Location", change it to "Any Location"
  • Click on Next, located on the bottom right of screen
  • Select a new time and date
  • Click "Next" and verify the new test date information
  • Click "Make Test Appointment", located on the bottom right of screen

As long as you modify your appointment your payment will be current. If you CANCEL your appointment you will need to repay the fee.

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Our Mission:

The mission of the University of Texas at Arlington Testing Services is to provide departmental, institutional, and national testing opportunities to students and non-students in an atmosphere which enables examinees to perform to the best of their abilities. We are certified members of the National College Testing Association (NCTA), and subscribe to the NCTA’s Professional Standards and Guidelines for Post-Secondary Test Centers.  We are fully committed to the preservation of academic integrity in the administration of all tests and to the support of academic success for all examinees.



The purpose of this form is to resolve a problem that remains unresolved after contacting the office you visited for assistance and/or to notify us of any inappropriate treatment received during an interaction with an office. Therefore, in most instances you should have contacted the office you visited prior to completing this form.

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