Recipients of the Outstanding Academic Advisor Award*

*Note: While the Division of Student Success sponsors this web site, awards winners are selected by the Outstanding Academic Advising Awards Committee and supported by the Office of the Provost.

Outstanding Academic Advising Award Winners

Award Year


Award Category


Denise Wylie-Hayes

Professional Advisor

Srinivas Prabakar

Faculty Advisor
2017-2018 Nancy Gandre Professional Advisor
2017-2018 Miguel Amaya Faculty Advisor
2016-2017 Lauren Jones Professional Advisor
2016-2017 Bahram Khalili Faculty Advisor
2015-2016 LaDonna Croffe Professional Advisor
2015-2016 Bethany Shaffer Faculty Advisor
2014-2015 Angeleah Chavis-McCray Professional Advisor
2014-2015 Evguenia Malaia Faculty Advisor
2013-2014 Erin Gonzales Professional Advisor
2013-2014 Peter Kroll Faculty Advisor
2012-2013 Reginald Hendricks Professional Advisor
2012-2013 Elise Elliot Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
2012-2013 Liping Tang Graduate Faculty Advisor
2011-2012 Teaira Little Professional Advisor
2011-2012 Zhen Xue Han Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
2011-2012 Dennis Veit Graduate Faculty Advisor
2010-2011 Sarah Mazur Professional Advisor
2010-2011 Paul Krawietz Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
2010-2011 Jianzhong Su Graduate Faculty Advisor
2009-2010 Linette Tucker Professional Advisor
2009-2010 Blake Carpenter Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
2009-2010 Mary Schira Graduate Faculty Advisor
2008-2009 Erin Gonzales Professional Advisor
2008-2009 Nancy Michael Undergraduate Faculty Advisor     
2008-2009 Melanie McGee Graduate Faculty Advisor
2007-2008 Laura Wolf Professional Advisor
2007-2008 Barbara Chiarello Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
2007-2008 Anand Puppala Graduate Faculty Advisor
2006-2007 Roxanne Del Rio Professional Advisor
2006-2007 Harry Reeder Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
2006-2007 Sheik Imrhan Graduate Faculty Advisor
2005-2006 Andy Axsom Professional Advisor
2005-2006 Kathleen Sullivan-Porter Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
2005-2006 Shannon Collier-Tenison Graduate Faculty Advisor
2004-2005 Tom Hill-Aiello Professional Advisor
2004-2005 Caryl Segal Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
2004-2005 Alejandro del Carmen Graduate Faculty Advisor
2003-2004 Patty Motlagh Professional Advisor
2003-2004 Cindy Atha-Weldon Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
2003-2004 Stephen Maizlish Graduate Faculty Advisor
2002-2003 Jane Pugh Professional Advisor
2002-2003 Steve Quevedo Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
2002-2003 Rasika Dias Graduate Faculty Advisor
2001-2002 Galen Carpenter Professional Advisor
2001-2002 Dallas Lacy Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
2001-2002 Carol Sue Marshall Graduate Faculty Advisor
2000-2001 Allen Repko Professional Advisor
2000-2001 Frederick Vina Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
2000-2001 Stanley Palmer Graduate Faculty Advisor
1999-2000 Eric Bolsterli Professional Advisor
1999-2000 Linda Barasch Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
1999-2000 Bob Weems Graduate Faculty Advisor
1998-1999 Ed Morton Professional Advisor
1998-1999 Charles McDowell Faculty Advisor
1997-1998 Jane Pugh Professional Advisor
1997-1998 Jimmy Rogers Faculty Advisor
1997-1998 Floyd Cash Lifetime Achievement Award
1996-1997 Ava Chapman Professional Advisor
1996-1997 Mitch Geller Faculty Advisor
1995-1996 Gerrye Frantz
1994-1995 Charles R. Knerr
1993-1994 C. Lee Wright
1992-1993 Elisabeth Cawthon
1991-1992 Ed Banios
1990-1991 G. T. Stevens Jr.
1989-1990 Harry R. Beaudry
1988-1989 James K. Ross
1987-1988 Nita Cox
1986-1987 A. V. Goyne
1985-1986 J. Richard Rinewalt
1984-1985 Edward C. Bock

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