Our Mission

To inspire, prepare and support students with special interests and talents in mathematics or science for admission into post-secondary education and potential careers in the fields of mathematics, science, and/or engineering.


The University of Texas at Arlington has been awarded a grant from the United States Department of Education to conduct an Upward Bound Math & Science Center. The UT Arlington Upward Bound Math & Science Center provides to the eligible students the assistance necessary to strengthen their math and science education and assist them in demonstrating competencies in the subject areas required for graduation and success in STEM. The objectives of the program are designed to meet the specific needs of each participant. Assistance to the students is provided through the continual academic year activities and the academically intensive six week summer residential component on the UT Arlington campus. Throughout the year, students participate in highly motivating math, science and engineering activities during the Academic Year component and Summer Residential component. More....

Upcoming Events

UT Arlington Acceptances

  • Keith Gonzalez - SP
  • Karina Salmeron – SP
  • Anais Valdivia – SP
  • Jaqueline Aguilar – LP
  • Jennifer Bautista - LP
  • Lesley Nino – LP
  • Jacqueline Velazquez – LP
  • Ngu Atanga – DP
  • Xavier DeGrate – DP
  • Paula Gallegos-Perez – DP
  • Jewellena Hernandez – DP

Scholarship Awards / Achievements

  • New Scholarship Award Winners
  • Dell Scholarship – Yoseline Garcia – LP - $20,000
  • UTA Maverick Academic Scholarship – Jennifer Bautista – LP - $6,000
  • UTA Maverick Academic Scholarship – Paula Gallegos-Perez – DP - $6,000
  • UTA Maverick Academic Scholarship – Jacqueline Velazquez – LP - $4,000
  • TRIO SWASAP Pre-Collegiate Scholarship - Paula Gallegos-Perez - DP - $500
  • BNSF Technology Awareness Day Contest Award Winners
  • Graphic Arts: Karin Ly (1st), Paula Gallegos-Perez (2nd), Eryn Kinard (3rd)
  • Video Contest: Anna Ly (1st), Radiance Onadele (2nd), Star Onadele (3rd)
  • Essay Contest: Karin Ly (1st), Kate Ho (3rd), Deborah Oyawe (2nd), Vinh Ho (3rd)


Stduents in Class
Stduents on Tour