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Licensing and Using University of Texas at Arlington Trademarks


The University of Texas at Arlington is partnered with Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) to license and oversee use of logos and trademarks. Vendors interested in becoming a licensee of UTA trademarked images should visit For direct assistance, contact James Hollis, Director of Community Partnerships at or Chelcie Abajian, LLPS' Brand Management Director for the University of Texas at Arlington at

Design standards

Proper use of University logos and trademarked images are outlined on the University’s identity Web site.

Purchasing items for internal or external use

Campus departments and organizations must use a licensed vendor when purchasing merchandise to be imprinted with the University’s logos or trademarked images that are intended for use internally - for instance, staff shirts, pens, cups, tshirts, and other giveaway/premium items. For questions concerning licensed vendors, artwork, or use of trademarks, or royalty fees and exemptions, please contact James Hollis, Director of Community Partnerships at

Policies for buying goods

Follow UTA Procurement regulations whenever ordering custom UTA products. When possible, consider purchasing from Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) or select environmentally-friendly products.

Licensed Vendors

Click here for a current list of vendors who are authorized to produce items bearing UTA logos.

Historically Underutilized Businesses

Vendors interested in learning more about the HUB vendor classification are encouraged to contact the UTA HUB Director.

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