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Academic Degrees

Abbreviate and capitalize academic degrees according to proper editorial style. Use periods and no spaces in abbreviations. Use the degree after the name sparingly, only when it provides more pertinent information or when credentials are necessary.

John Doe, M.D.

Jane Doe, J.D.
Janice Doe, Ph.D.

When the degree and the graduation year are used together, offset with parentheses.

Ann Smith ('76 M.A.) was a guest lecturer at the conference.

Use capitals for the degree title but not for the subject. An exception is when the subject is part of the formal degree title.

Bachelor of Science in physics

Master of Professional Accounting

Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting

Executive Master of Business Administration

Bachelor of Music

Juris Doctor
Doctor of Philosophy

Do not use capitals when academic degrees are referred to in general terms such as doctorate, bachelor's degree, or master's degree.

She received her bachelor's degree in 1977.

Getting a doctorate is hard work.

He has earned bachelor's and master's degrees in art.

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