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Consult the dictionary to confirm hyphenation. In general, avoid the use of hyphens unless the result is awkward or confusing.Hyphenate when the meaning varies with the absence of the hyphen.

freelance, cooperate, inpatient, statewide, nonresident, noncredit, nonprofit, biweekly, coauthor, postdoctoral, kickoff

re-cover varies from recover

re-create varies from recreate

In University usage, the word fundraising does not require a hyphen. Do not use the word fundraiser.

The job offers fundraising opportunities.
The dean is accomplished at fundraising. not The dean is a fundraiser.

Hyphens are used when the base word begins with a capital letter.




Hyphenate compound adjectives before a noun. Do not hyphenate compound adjectives when the first word ends in ly.

He is a first-rate golfer.
her rapidly rising heart rate not her rapidly-rising heart rate

Consult the dictionary to avoid common spelling errors in compound words.

health care not healthcare

workplace not work place
work force not workforce

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