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Institutional logo

The heart of UTA’s identity system is the University’s logomark. It is made up of an “A” integrated with a beveled star. The logomark is a component of the UTA signature, but in certain circumstances it may be used alone. If used as a free-standing element, the words “The University of Texas at Arlington” must appear elsewhere on the page.

The UTA logomark and wordmark are the only symbols generally used to represent the University, and must appear prominently in all UTA visual communications (print, online, and multimedia). Using multiple logos can result in visual confusion and can dilute the UTA brand. As a general rule, UTA schools, colleges, academic units, and departments are NOT permitted to have their own distinctive logos separate and apart from the UTA logo. Individual logos at this level reduce the impact and effectiveness of the University’s brand identity.

The logomark may not be attached to any other typographic or graphic element other than in the manner shown in the signature. It may only be reproduced from authorized electronic files.

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