An address block is typically built from the UTA primary horizontal signature. The primary vertical signature may be substituted in instances where available space is more vertical—such as on the business card. The blue rule is positioned to the right of the signature as shown in the top example. The address block is typically positioned 6 points to the right of the rule. It is made up of five lines of text which aligns vertically with the height of the signature.

For print applications such as stationery and brochures, a standard size for the type is:

Highlighted school, center, division, or department name:
Frutiger 65 Bold 6.5/10, all caps, track +75

Frutiger 45 Light 7/10, track +10

A URL may be included in the address block, but please note it is UTA style to not include the “www.” preceding the URL. If the address is too long to accommodate a URL, the URL may hang below the address—separated by a line space.

Use the following guidelines to determine hierarchy for bolding (top line) and non-bolding (2nd line):

  • Bold (top line) = A school name, division or center
  • Non-bold (2nd line) = The unit the department or center is housed under
  • For UTA centers not hosted by a specific school, no further information needs to be placed