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UT Arlington to grant free tuition to students from households making $65,000 or less

News Release — 14 October 2008


Media contact: Sue Stevens, Senior Media Relations Officer, (817) 272-3317,

ARLINGTON - The University of Texas at Arlington’s Maverick Promise financial aid program has taken a significant step toward making higher education more affordable by granting free tuition to students whose household income is $65,000 or less. The expanded program will be available for the fall 2009 semester. The current threshold is $40,000, which was increased from $25,000 earlier this year. Full tuition for an undergraduate student taking 12 hours is $8,000 a year. 

UT Arlington President James D. Spaniolo said the discussion about widening the coverage of the program has been under study for some time. 

“We want to do our share to make higher education more affordable and accessible for a greater number of people in this region,” President Spaniolo said. “It’s an important step for a public university to make. We hope more students will be encouraged to pursue their dreams at UT Arlington because of the Maverick Promise.” 

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Donald Bobbitt said the benefits of making higher education more affordable extend far beyond students and their families. 

“Society as a whole will benefit by graduating students who are prepared to help this country compete in today’s global economy,” Bobbitt said. “And given current economic conditions, increased financial aid is certainly needed.” 

Along with the income limit of $65,000 thousand or less, a student must also be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, according to the director of financial aid Karen Krause. She said there is no specific income cut-off to be eligible for a Pell Grant. Eligibility is based on a calculated “expected family contribution” derived from a federal formula.  The formula includes adjusted gross income and other factors including taxes paid, number in the student's household, number in college, untaxed income and benefits received by the family, child support paid by the family, allowances for state and local living expenses and allowances for retirement savings. Under the Maverick Promise, the difference between the Federal Pell Grant award and the total tuition and fee cost will be paid through a combination of other federal, state, and/or institutional grant sources. 

The Maverick Promise is open to all undergraduate students who are enrolled at least half time (6 credit hours). Students may renew the Maverick Promise if they continue to meet the conditions outlined and meet the academic progress requirements outlined by UT Arlington.  New freshmen students are eligible for the Maverick Promise for up to 5 years and new transfer students are eligible for up to 3 years. 

Students or parents who have questions about applying for the Maverick Promise can call the UT Arlington Financial Aid Office at (817) 272-3561, or visit












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