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Smart Hospital announces its newest patient: SimMan 3G.

News Release — 20 July 2009


Media contact: Sue Stevens, 817-272-3317,

ARLINGTON - SimMan 3G, a state-of-the-science, high-fidelity manikin with eyes that blink, pupils that react to light and the ability to bleed, has checked in at The University of Texas at Arlington's Smart HospitalTM.  He is wireless - making him much more mobile for simulations outside the confines of the hospital room, such as ambulances. He is also equipped to provide quality CPR feedback to analyze the effectiveness of the CPR given and can be programmed to demonstrate convulsions.

The SimMan 3G, manufactured by Laerdal, is used for skills such as CPR, shocking with a defibrillator and starting IVs in the arm and in his legs. The manikin has an internal flow meter that measures the amount of "drug" that was pushed and can react accordingly - positively and negatively - and the drug recognition software will tell the instructor which drug was administered.

The new manikin joins 16 other high fidelity manikins in the Smart HospitalTM: 10 SimMan, 5 SimBaby, 1 SimNewB. These manikins are used by undergraduate nursing students, the graduate Nurse Practitioner students and the School of Nursing's community hospital partners who utilize the facility for team training.


The Smart HospitalTM is a simulated hospital environment where nursing students interact with and provide care to a full array of simulated patients who occupy the Emergency Room, ICU, Labor & Delivery suites, pediatric unit, Neo-Natal ICU, adult medical /surgical beds and the team training resuscitation room.  Most of the patients who populate our Smart HospitalTM are life-sized computerized manikins that actually interact with the learners. Patients include infants, children, adults and even a mother in labor who goes through the labor process and delivers a newborn. These manikins can speak and breathe, have heart and lung sounds, and can progress through the various stages of numerous clinical states from birth through death. In addition, specially trained actors serve as patients or family members in clinical teaching scenes. In each clinical scenario developed by the faculty, the students are exposed to situations and changes in patient conditions, both subtle and obvious, that they will experience in actual practice. With repeated exposure to these situations, students develop a deeper understanding of clinical conditions and become more adept at critical and clinical thinking. With this foundation, our students move more quickly from novice to expert and in so doing enhance the quality of patient care they provide. The Smart Hospital TM is a Laerdal Center of Excellence in Simulation, a Hill-Rom National Demonstration Showcase and the CareFusion Nursing Discovery Center.

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