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Chemistry professor receives National Science Foundation research grant

News Release — 11 August 2009


Media contact: Sue Stevens, Senior Media Relations Officer, 817- 272-3317,

ARLINGTON - Peter Kroll, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, is the principal investigator in a National Science Foundation grant awarded this month for a research project titled "NanoDomain Structure and Multifunctional Properties of Polymer Derived Ceramics."

Peter Kroll

Kroll will collaborate with Rishi Raj of the University of Colorado at Boulder, to make a new class of compounds with outstanding thermodynamic stability above 1500°C available to materials applications, including sensors and energy storage in extreme and harsh environments.

The project will develop an understanding of the relationship between electronic structure and functional properties of polymer-derived ceramics with emphasis on their particular and unprecedented nanodomain structure. It will include a combined theoretical study done at UT Arlington and an experimental study done at UC Boulder with computations supporting synthesis and measurements.

Kroll will receive $281,547 over the next four years to perform ab initio and classical molecular dynamics simulations, which will lead to insight into the atomic arrangements at short and medium length scales.

The parallelism between high-performance computations and experiment is a cornerstone of this proposed research program. Click here to visit the NSF Web page for more information.

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