Carroll stepping down as engineering dean in August 2011

News Release — 6 October 2010


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ARLINGTON - Bill Carroll, who shaped UT Arlington's College of Engineering into the multi-disciplinary educational and research model that it is today, will step down as dean next fall and return to the University to teach and conduct research after a brief leave.

Bill Carroll

Bill Carroll

Carroll has served as Dean of Engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington since 2000 and is the longest-tenured engineering dean in the University's history. During that decade of dramatic growth in the college, Carroll firmly established UT Arlington as a player in the field of nanotechnology, recruited world-class faculty and distinguished scholars and helped guide the planning and construction of the $126 million Engineering Research Building scheduled to open in January 2011.

"Bill Carroll has built an enormously talented faculty," President James D. Spaniolo said. "His efforts to enhance the University's research mission are reflected in our increasing level of research activities overall. Bill has built a firm foundation for future growth and development in the College of Engineering."

Robert Magnusson, the Texas Instruments Distinguished University Chair in Nanoelectronics and professor of Electrical Engineering at UT Arlington, is among the notable faculty recruited during Carroll's term.

"Bill realized that my research technology and its commercial applications might be of interest to Texas Instruments and benefit the state of Texas." Magnusson said. "Converting academic research into business is vital, but not easy. His vision is to move research from the lab to the marketplace.

"These kinds of successful business enterprises grounded in UT Arlington research strengthen the university and the community."

Carroll also helped bring several summer engineering camps and weekend engineering seminars aimed at middle school and high school students to UT Arlington with the intent of moving talented youth into the University pipeline.

Enrollment in the College of Engineering has grown by a third under Carroll's direction to today's current count of nearly 4,000 students. Overall research expenditures have steadily escalated during his tenure, as well.

Other notable accomplishments under Carroll's direction include the:

  • $9.8 million Civil Engineering Building, which opened on the west side of campus in August 2009
  • $22 million expansion and renovation of the Engineering Laboratory Building completed in summer 2009
  • formation of a true Engineering Quad, anchored by the 234,000-square-foot Engineering Research Building and enhanced by a new green space that will connect the larger building with the Engineering Laboratory Building and Nedderman Hall.

By September 2012, Carroll expects to return to teaching computer science engineering.

"I come from a family of educators," he said. "I've always wanted to do something to strengthen engineering education in K through 12, something to better prepare the students the University gets. That's important to me."



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