Research Magazine 2006

Unprecedented research growth spurs discovery

Rarely does research activity grow as rapidly as it did at The University of Texas at Arlington this past year. This dramatic rise includes research and sponsored program expenditures, intellectual property disclosures, licensing opportunities, patent applications and industry-sponsored research.

Ron Elsenbaumer

Ron Elsenbaumer,

Vice President
for Research and
Federal Relations

The number of dollars spent annually in support of faculty research and creative activities is the most direct way to measure the size and potential impact of an institution’s research activities. Dollars originating from governmental agencies (federal, state, local), contracts (private companies and other higher education institutions) and internally funded programs provide a snapshot of the size and scope of UT Arlington’s growing sponsored programs. In 2007 the University spent $42.3 million on research and other sponsored programs. In 2008 that number increased by more than 77 percent to $75.1 million.

UT Arlington is an integral part of the North Texas economic engine. The volume of research funded by for-profit industry is a great indicator of the value of the solutions provided by our faculty, staff and students. Industry-funded research expenditures increased to $6 million in 2008—a rise of 62 percent since 2004. This level of research is among the highest for a public academic institution in Texas and speaks to the growing strength of the relationships and collaborations forged among public-private partners in North Texas.

Donald Bobbitt

Donald Bobbitt,

Provost and
Vice President
for Academic

To further encourage the translation of basic research into real-world solutions, UT Arlington has launched the Venture Innovation Partnership (VIP). The VIP is a student-powered economic development lab that works to provide faculty, students and other entrepreneurs the creative business support needed to recognize commercializable ideas, identify promising startup companies and continue to forge partnerships between the University and community.

UT Arlington continues to work with the Arlington Chamber of Commerce on the Center for Innovation at Arlington. This includes the Arlington Technology Incubator, home to technology-based startup companies from the University and surrounding community. This collaboration recently expanded with the hiring of the ATI’s first business coach to mentor, motivate, manage, secure funding for and develop new companies.

As you will read in this issue of Research magazine, the University is working to provide solutions to real-life problems through research on chronic pain, cancer, cataracts, damaged blood vessels, alternative fuels, environmental initiatives and more. These projects are a testament to UT Arlington's emergence as a top-tier research university.


Executive Officers

James D. Spaniolo, J.D., President
Donald Bobbitt, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ronald L. Elsenbaumer, Ph.D., Vice President for Researchand Federal Relations
John D. Hall, B.B.A., Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations
Jean M. Hood, B.S., Vice President for Human Resources
Frank Lamas, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs
James C. Lewis, M.B.A., Vice President for Development
Jerry Lewis, B.S., Vice President for Communications
Suzanne Montague, M.B.A., Vice President for Information Technology
Rusty Ward, M.S., Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller

Administrative Officers of Academic Units

Donald F. Gatzke, M.Arch., Dean, School of Architecture
Daniel D. Himarios, Ph.D., Dean, College of Business
Jeanne Gerlach, Ph.D., Ed.D., Dean, College of Education
Bill D. Carroll, Ph.D., Dean, College of Engineering
Philip Cohen, Ph.D., Dean of Graduate Studies
Karl Petruso, Ph.D., Dean, Honors College
Beth S. Wright, Ph.D., Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Elizabeth Poster, Ph.D., Dean, School of Nursing
Paul Paulus, Ph.D., Dean, College of Science
Philip Popple, Ph.D., Interim Dean, School of Social Work
Barbara Becker, Ph.D., Dean, School of Urban and Public Affairs
Gerald Saxon, Ph.D., Dean, Library