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Collaboration Breeds Innovation

Ron Elsenbaumer, Ph.D.

Ronald L. Elsenbaumer, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President
for Academic Affairs

Universities are marketplaces for ideas and provide fertile ground for the creative processes that produce new knowledge. The University of Texas at Arlington relishes its role as a beacon of innovation. We believe it’s our obligation to change lives, enhance lives, and save lives through relentless exploration into deadly diseases, aging, energy independence, threats to national security, and other critical issues.

Collaboration is essential to solving these problems. Not only does it foster complementary research, but the results are often better. None of the research projects featured in this issue of Inquiry could succeed without collaboration. Whether they involve professors working with each other, with graduate students, or with researchers from other universities and organizations, these partnerships produce theories—the foundational research—that will evolve into the next generation of inventions.