Charting the course to become a national research university

The University of Texas at Arlington has embarked on a remarkable journey. During the past few years, we have focused on a mission to transform UT Arlington into a major national research university.

President SpanioloFor the first time in the institution’s history, this not only seems within the realm of possibility but also within our reach. Our University community is thriving on a sense of common purpose, enthusiasm and optimism that I am certain will carry us toward our ultimate goal. That’s because becoming a national research university, a Tier One institution, is no longer a dream. It’s a plan.

However, this is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. It will take 10 to 15 years to achieve the metrics by which national research universities are measured. Yet not all of the journey is ahead of us. UT Arlington has made significant progress in the last few years, and the evidence of that progress is permeating our campus, our community and beyond.

“Becoming a national research university, a Tier One institution, is no longer a dream. It’s a plan.”

We are gaining significant momentum every day. The campus is alive with activity and excitement. Part of the added buzz can be attributed to the fact that we’ve admitted our largest freshman class ever and that our total enrollment has now reached more than 28,000 students. That’s a phenomenal achievement and a clear indication that we’re headed in the right direction.

If you graduated more than four or five years ago, you might not recognize this place. We now have more than 4,500 students living in our on-campus residence halls and apartments, as well as thousands more living in private apartments within just a few blocks. Much of the campus and the surrounding community are active 24/7.

And with the groundbreaking for our long-anticipated special events center next spring, we also look toward the day when we find ourselves in the very midst of a true college town environment. We’re working diligently with the City of Arlington to help make this a reality. Increasingly, our boundaries are blurred to the point that it will be hard to tell where the campus ends and the city begins.

As alumni, you’re already a part of our college town, and we’re working harder each day to find new ways of involving you and helping you maintain connections with your alma mater. We have lots of surprises in store for you in the coming months, and we look forward to keeping you informed about our progress. We hope you’ll stay tuned and keep in touch.

The future has never been brighter for UT Arlington. You are in the unique position of having been a part of the University’s past, but you’ll also always be a part of its future. Once an alum, always an alum. And we’re proud to be associated with each and every one of you. With the support of our alumni and friends, we will become the national research university we always knew we could be.

James D. Spaniolo


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