Our newest alumni are prepared to succeed

This time of year is always special at UT Arlington. As the academic year concludes and we celebrate Commencement, we are reminded that this is what a university is all about. Graduation is the culmination of all that an institution of higher education stands for and a reminder that with hard work, determination and optimism, anything is possible.

President Spaniolo

This spring more than 2,800 graduates, our newest alumni, will go out into the world. Some would argue that this is a terrible time to be seeking a job, starting a career and embarking on a journey from the familiar into the unknown. And, to some degree, they would be right. Our nation faces formidable challenges for which there are no simple solutions, and our Class of 2009 will have no choice but to meet those challenges head-on.

And that’s where they’ll shine. UT Arlington graduates are uniquely prepared to meet the toughest challenges life throws at them. They have studied with some of the world’s most outstanding faculty members. In the classrooms and labs, our students have been equipped with the knowledge and skills that will serve them well. UT Arlington has prepared them not just for their first or second job, but for life itself. We educate our students for the long haul. We prepare them for a lifetime of learning and a lifetime of success.

"If a university is measured by the success and quality of its graduates, there is no question UT Arlington would get straight A's, a 10 out of 10, two enthusiastic thumbs up."

It’s not surprising that executives at the two-dozen Fortune 500 companies headquartered in North Texas jump at the opportunity to hire a UT Arlington graduate every chance they get. They know they’ll get an individual who is bright, inquisitive, well educated and willing to roll up his or her sleeves to get the job done. They know from experience that our graduates not only know what questions to ask, but how to find the answers.

We are confident that our graduates, like the tens of thousands of UT Arlington alumni before them, will find their place in our increasingly complicated and interconnected global society. We know with certainty that they will do so much more than simply find their place in the world. They will, without question, make our world a better place. After all, that’s what Mavericks do.

As we conclude this semester and this academic year, what better time to pause for a moment and remember how proud we are of all of our alumni—each and every one of you. If a university is measured by the success and quality of its graduates, there is no question UT Arlington would get straight A’s, a 10 out of 10, two enthusiastic thumbs up.

We trust that each of you enjoyed a memorable experience during your time here. In fact, if you haven’t been back to campus recently, you might not recognize the place. In every corner, change is in the air. There is a renewed energy and spirit that can only be found at an institution destined for greatness. The construction cranes that dot our ever-changing skyline are a striking metaphor for the enormous progress UT Arlington is making to become one of America’s next major research universities. It’s a remarkable transformation, and it wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

We hope you’ll have an opportunity to visit campus soon and share in our excitement. There will always be a warm welcome awaiting you here in Maverick Country.

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