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SSS Peer Educator Application Form

Brief Overview of Tutoring Services provided by TRiO Student Support Services Program:

  • Tutoring subject areas include:  accounting, economics, English, French, Spanish, history, political science, sociology, anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics, math, and statistics.
  • Tutoring sessions are matched by the Tutor Coordinator who assigns program participants to work with an SSS Tutor/Mentor, in group and individual sessions.
  • Once an SSS participant signs up for tutoring, they are committed to a consistent weekly tutoring for the remainder of the semester.
  • Tutors conduct sessions in study rooms within the SSS suite (or in nearby reserved classrooms).
  • At the conclusion of each semester, program participants who have been recommended by their tutors during the current academic year are honored at the SSS End of Year Ceremony.

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