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Student Employment with University College

Are you looking for a rewarding and challenging student job on campus where you can make a difference? Do you have what it takes to help other students succeed? If so, then University College wants you to know that there are opportunities to become a leader with us. We offer a number of different and uniquely challenging positions for students to serve as mentors, tutors, instructors, and more. Not only is a job with University College a great way to build your resume, it is also a great way to make a difference in your community. To apply you will need to visit UT Arlington's Student Employment System and check our websites below to see if there are any supplemental applications. Here a few of the student positions that we offer:

Peer Academic Leader As a PAL, you will be responsible for teaching skills related to academic success in one of UT Arlington's First-Year Seminars. We offer seminars in every college and school on campus, which provides opportunities for undergraduates in all areas to get involved as a mentor and leader. We offer both position living on campus as well as those with no residency restrictions. PALs are asked to teach, lead study groups, mentor to the students in their First-Year Seminar, and plan programs to get students involved on campus. In addition to your students, you will be working with faculty and staff from across campus to provide an integrated experience for first-year students focused on academic success and transitioning into the UT Arlington community. For more information, visit our Peer Academic Leaders website.

Tutors If you are looking for a flexible work schedule where you can set your own hours while still serving your fellow students, then perhaps a tutoring position is right for you. We hire juniors, senior, and graduate students as tutors for classes across the university who have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and an A or B in the class to be tutored. Tutors will work with the staff of University Tutorial to set times when they are available and may work with students at locations across campus or in our in-house tutoring rooms located in Ransom Hall. To learn more, visit our Tutor Employment website.

Supplemental Instruction Leaders SI Leaders serve as mentors and instructors in a special course review sessions for classes across the university. Supplemental Instruction leaders are responsible for holding at least 3 weekly study sessions, one weekly office hour, and must attend class along with their students to take notes and review the material taught each week. This position is open to juniors and seniors who have achieved an overall GPA of 3.0 and at least an A or B in the class with which they are placed. This is a unique position that will prepare students for graduate teaching positions and offer new opportunities for working with faculty from their major. To find out more, visit our SI Leaders website.