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Application Form for FIGs



  1. Applicants to this program must complete a separate university application at
  2. Applicants for Residential FIGs and some applicants for Fusion FIGs must live on campus. To live on-campus, you must complete a separate housing application at
  3. One of the benefits of joining a FIG is to be eligible for the EXCLUSIVE FIG New Maverick Orientation. You will need to register for that orientation date online when orientation registration begins in April 2016.  This orientation is HIGHLY SUGGESTED for Maverick Scholars. If you have a conflict and cannot attend this special orientation, please contact the University College Programs Office for the availability of the additional orientation date. For more information on the orientation program go to
  4. Class rank and test scores are not used by all Maverick Scholar groups. A few groups have established minimum acceptance standards. Any student who does not meet the automatic acceptance criteria will be notified and given the option to join another group.

I understand that I must submit an application and be fully admitted to the University of Texas at Arlington in order to be a part of this program. I understand that if I want to be in a Residential Maverick Scholar FIG or live in a Fusion Maverick Scholar FIG, I must submit a housing application to the Housing Office, and return my signed contract promptly in order to be assigned a room in either Arlington Hall, KC Hall, or Vandergriff Hall and to be a part of the program. I understand that all Maverick Scholars Freshmen Interest Groups are for incoming freshmen only. Furthermore, I understand that special class sessions are being offered for each Maverick Scholars FIG, and that I must complete the specified curriculum or have any changes pre-approved through the University College Programs Office. I also understand that this is an academically focused program.

FIG applications are taken through the middle of May, and there are no application or program fees.

Please hit submit only once. It may take up to 2 minutes for your application to be sent.

This form is currently inactive.

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