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A Flood of Data

A UTA civil engineer’s flood alert system helped keep Houston hospitals safe and functional during Hurricane Harvey


From Insight to Impact

Now in its 30th year, the UTA Research Institute continues to push the boundaries of innovation with new projects in assistive robot technologies, unmanned systems, and more.

human brain

Mind Matters

UTA researchers are confronting important questions related to the human brain, including how to better detect blast-related trauma in veterans.

Robert Schafrik, Presidential Distinguished Professor of Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering

Welcome Addition

New professor first in North Texas sponsored by Governor’s University Research Initiative

George Kondraske, UTA electrical engineering and bioengineering professor

Brain performance

Development of computer tests and games that show and track individual human brain functioning.

Sahadat Hossain, UTA professor of civil engineering

Global reach

Grant to help city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with sustainable urban development.

cancer cell in crosshairs

Cancer in the Crosshairs

Researchers from a variety of disciplines at UTA are united in their efforts to defeat one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

Dallas cityscape at night

Reshaping North Texas

Urban planners, civil engineers, and social workers are providing cities and decision-makers with the tools and data they need to create communities where everyone can thrive.

UTA classroom

Upward trajectory

UTA jumped 30 spots in the Center for World University Rankings’ national standings in the four years since the list debuted.

Matthew Fujita, UTA assistant professor of biology with graduate research asssistant T.J. Firneno.

Biologist’s study of eyes to be seen internationally

Frogs may hold the answers to a biologist's questions about habitat affecting eye function and development. Matthew Fujita's research will be exhibited at two major natural history museums and will generate an interactive e-book.