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Mark Pellegrino, UTA assistant professor of biology and lead investigator on the grant

Fighting superbugs

A UTA researcher has won a five-year, $1.8 million grant to find new ways to boost immune response against bacteria.

Sanjib Datta, a UTA senior lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, is working with Komodo, a leading provider of blockchain technology, to provide scholarships.

Crypto connection

UTA faculty member connects with blockchain provider to provide scholarships

Smart skin technology

UTA patent gives robots ultra-sensitive skin

The University of Texas at Arlington has patented a smart skin, created by a UTA researcher, that will give robots more sensitive tactile feeling than humans.

Seong Jin Koh, Department of Materials Science and Engineering professor

UTA technology could change way computers dissipate heat

UTA researchers have received a patent on a novel cold electron transistor that drastically reduces the amount of energy required to operate as compared to traditional transistors.


Digitizing History

British Library extends grant for UTA-led project to digitize endangered colonial documents in Cuba


A Flood of Data

A UTA civil engineer’s flood alert system helped keep Houston hospitals safe and functional during Hurricane Harvey


From Insight to Impact

Now in its 30th year, the UTA Research Institute continues to push the boundaries of innovation with new projects in assistive robot technologies, unmanned systems, and more.

human brain

Mind Matters

UTA researchers are confronting important questions related to the human brain, including how to better detect blast-related trauma in veterans.

Robert Schafrik, Presidential Distinguished Professor of Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering

Welcome Addition

New professor first in North Texas sponsored by Governor’s University Research Initiative

George Kondraske, UTA electrical engineering and bioengineering professor

Brain performance

Development of computer tests and games that show and track individual human brain functioning.