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Activities and Organizations

There’s a lot you can do.
But until one of our student researchers builds that time machine, you just won’t be able to do it all. So we suggest that you choose wisely. It's almost like choosing a major, but without all the prerequisites.

Student Organizations. Just follow your interests and you’ll find a lot of interesting people already doing that interesting thing you’re interested in. We have groups centered on academics, religion, service, professional passions, and other fun stuff that really defies categorization.

EXCEL Student Activities. Take your determination as far as you want to go. Through EXCEL, we offer extracurricular opportunities on campus that promote recreational and educational events. And the UTA Volunteers take that energy off campus to create an impact in the community. Get familiar with both groups, and see where they can take you.

Student Governance. Get involved in the UTA experience. You’ll find links to Student Congress, which passes resolutions to improve the quality of education for everyone, as well as links to UTA Hosts!, who really focus on helping students rise above academic challenges.