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Civic Engagement

Lead on.
Our campus is full of active, self-motivated individuals. The kind of people who are more likely to run out of challenges before they run out of energy. And we have all the connections in place to give everyone a chance to get involved and take charge.

Student Governance. Lend your voice to speak the will of the students. Improve the quality of the undergraduate experience for everyone through resolutions, meetings, and strong, thoughtful leadership. Visit our page and see some of the most recent changes we’ve championed.

Center for Service Learning. We can give the most civic-minded students a chance to take their determination to improve communities and apply it to any discipline. We work closely with students and faculty to create meaningful connections with unique learning experiences. See how your education can have an immediate impact.

UTA Volunteers. We give those who want to improve the world the chance to have an impact before they have a degree. For students who want to give of their own time and effort and get a life-changing experience in return. We help run camps for children with severe asthma. We champion the environment at a family-friendly fall festival. See more of our upcoming projects.