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Lolín Martins-Crane (’88 BS)

Lolín Martins-Crane (’88 BS)

Lolín Martins-Crane, director of UTA’s new Career Development Center.

What does the opening of the new Career Development Center mean for UTA?

The center is an outward sign of all of the passion, dedication, commitment, and investment that UTA has around career development. It's an outward sign of how much career development is a cornerstone for UTA. I'm really excited to be part of it. I think it's going to allow us to raise expectations, goals, and aspirations and attract even more industries and businesses to look at UTA and partner with us. We'll gain internships and job opportunities for students and graduates, which is really what it's all about.

Can UTA alumni tap into the new Career Development Center and its services?

Absolutely. As an alumna myself, I was not aware for a long time that I was able to use so many of the services here at UTA, so that's one big thing we want alumni to know—that all the services available to our students are available to them as well. This is a very important group for UTA, and we want to ensure that alumni know the University continues to be a resource and support for them along with providing multiple opportunities to give back. For the center, that includes services and offerings like career transition counseling, participation in job fairs, help with social media such as LinkedIn, and all campus career development events. Alumni can access our services on the web at, or they can call us at 817-272-2932. We take calls all the time from students and alumni along with businesses and industries to figure out what the needs or gaps are and how we can service and fill those needs.

You mentioned career counseling. How can alumni benefit from those services?

What we're seeing is that alumni are coming back at around the five-year mark. They're asking "Is this really what I want to be doing?" So we offer consulting in that space. We're also seeing them around the 15-year mark. They've been in their industries a while and begin to think, "Do I want to do something else? Is it time to transition to the second part of my life?" We've got some very talented, very experienced consultants who do the holistic, one-on-one kind of counseling. Along with the usual resources like résumé critiques, our dedicated counselors can help them walk through life transitions in their careers.

Can you describe the mentoring opportunities available for alumni?

One of the biggest areas we’d like to focus on is that component of giving back for alumni who want to share their knowledge and abilities along with their own personal career journeys. The mentoring program is really exciting. It will be a huge bridge between students who are hungry for information about the real world and for asking alumni to provide guidance, counseling, and a reality check of what it’s really like out there.

What’s your personal story?

I am first-generation American. My mother is from Spain and my father is from Portugal. He actually taught at UTA for 25 years in the foreign language department, so I feel like I kind of grew up on the campus. My husband is also an alumnus and my son is a sophomore. I have two more children, and I hope they make the same wise choice to come to UTA. I’ve been in industry over 25 years in different industries and businesses, and I attribute a lot of my success with what I experienced at UTA. I had mentors, professors, a lot of folks that took the time to just help me through my thinking about what I wanted to become, what I wanted to be, and what path I should be on. I’m hoping to bring a lot of that back to UTA. And I’m also really hoping that as part of this role that that’s what I can give back. It’s a circular journey, but I feel like I’m home.


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