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Downtown Dallas is home to many business and cultural hubs. But is it walkable? What would the city have to do to make it more so? UTA’s College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs (CAPPA) is partnering with the city to find out. Student researchers from CAPPA’s Institute of Urban Studies are analyzing pedestrian traffic along 184 street segments and 66 intersections throughout downtown. They will evaluate characteristics like density, block size, noise levels, parks and landscapes, and building uses. The study will also capture the number of active storefronts, patio spaces, and parks, and the proximity to light rail and employment concentrations in the downtown area. The results will be used to further understand the street-level experience for people who work, live, and visit the area. “Walkable streets could help us be more physically active and live healthier,” says Shima Hamidi, director of the Institute and an assistant professor of urban planning. “A scientific analysis enables community leaders to identify elements that impact the appeal of a place and to plan enhancements for the pedestrian experience.”

Photograph by Joe Daniel Price


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