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Michael Ward

Michael Ward

A new study suggests that playing sexist video games can reduce empathy toward female violence victims, Time Magazine reported. The article quoted Michael Ward, a professor of economics who has studied the link between violent video games and behavior.

DJ Seo

The National Science Foundation’s Science 360 website featured a video about a phone app that tracks flash flooding developed by DJ Seo, associate professor of civil engineering. Called iSeeFlood, the app encourages the public to file timely reports when they see flooding.

Anne Bavier

Anne Bavier

D Magazine’s Healthcare Daily newsletter published an opinion column by Anne Bavier, dean of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation and president of the National League for Nursing, about the nursing profession’s need for education and partnerships. 

Chengkai Li

The Guardian newspaper cited Claimbuster, a statement fact-checking research tool developed by computer science and engineering Associate Professor Chengkai Li, in an April story on measuring politicians’ truthfulness.


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