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Track and Field

Tobi Fawehinmi

Tobi Fawehinmi

When he was in seventh grade, Tobi Fawehinmi was denied the chance to try out for his school's basketball team. "The coaches said, 'Sorry, we don't think you'll be able to go out there and play with us,'" he recalls. "That was kind of rough." So Fawehinmi, who has an underdeveloped left arm due to shoulder dystocia at birth, turned his attention to track and field, where in May he set a world record in the triple jump among Paralympic athletes. He soared 50 feet, 11 1/2 inches (15.53m) at the 2016 NCAA West Preliminary Round. His jump ranks as the fifth-best in UTA history, topping his previous effort of 50 feet, 7/14 inches. The record is just one of Fawehinmi's many athletic achievements this year. He was a second-team All-Conference selection, finished third at the Sun Belt Conference Championship, and in September made his second appearance at the Paralympic Games, finishing fifth in the long jump for Team USA. (The 2016 Games did not feature the triple jump.)


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